We are back! The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 “No Sanctuary”





Welcome back everyone!

GirlStalk is in full swing as my favorite things emerge from the sunny summery brightness. Candles, Pumpkins, soup, and The Walking Dead.

As you may know we are now 3 days away from Walker Stalker Con Atlanta!! *Happy dance*. We can all unite under one roof as a big ol’ happy TWD family!

On top of that last night was the SEAON 5 PREMIER OF ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS ON TELEVISION. I’m not even just being biased it’s true!!

Episode one of Season five was called “No Sanctuary”.  This is in reference to the fact that Terminus is not, in fact, a sanctuary.


It is finally proven that the people of Terminus as BAD PEOPLE. They are officially cannibals and thank goodness we are out of there.

So other main points to touch on from the premier:


  • Carol is officially the most bad ass character on the show (Daryl is still as well of course, but this episode his big scene was a cuddly hug).
  • Our people are finally back together, minus Beth
  • The walkers look more like skeletons than ever before
  • Tyreese is the man! Saving Judith from strangulation by weird weirdo Alex
  • Dark elements this episode, throat slitting, (A lot of it!), The idea of breaking a child’s neck, and the disturbing rape elements during the Terminus flashback


The big thing I took from last night was that Terminus is officially not a good place and thank goodness it’s behind us. I think.

I filmed a reaction blog during the show last night, take a look!




See you next week!




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