Walker Stalker Con is Here & we will be “Isolated”


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By Shannon Toohey



Walker Stalker Con is Here And we will be “Isolated”





First order of business-Sunday’s episode.


And not in the way I expected. But I am loving every second of it. “Isolated”, the title of episode three referring to the isolation of the sick, or even the isolation of the group as a whole.

Well apparently isolation is not enough to save these people. I have to start with Carol. The second she lost it and dumped the water barrel I knew. I knew she killed Karen and David. You guys probably did too.

She did it to salvage whatever she could of her relationship with Sophia in young Liz who is now sick. She did it to save the group. For whatever reason she did it, she did it.

Carol’s development is so perfect. I cannot rave enough about it. It is so good, that I am no longer thinking about a simple love interest for her anymore. I love how Scott Gimple and the writers are taking tidbits from past seasons and growing on them. Her development is about as delicious as a granny smith apple.

My prediction (hope) is that Rick will protect her and not say anything…thoughts?

Come on, Tyreese vs. Carol… Carol has to come out on top in his eyes. He knows what she’s been through.

It is tough to see the blood being coughed up, especially in Hershel’s face. But I know he is doing his part.
Veterinarian’s orders.

And I’m sorry but how many walkers were in that scene in the woods?
A mixture of that mob and the swine flu, we’ve got ourselves a fun-filled season ahead. But perfect. So perfect.

I’m just happy Bob Stookie got out alive. And of course Daryl.



Second and most crazy order of business!


Walker Stalker Con is this weekend! I am too excited to use real sentences so here are some words that have been running through my head…






Wait but Laurie Holden isn’t real.

So how long is this plane ride?



Pull yourself together.

More Reese’s Pumpkins.


So anyway,

This Convention has become a giant for us at The Walker Stalkers. It is something that we’ve been waiting for so many months. I still cannot believe that it has finally come. I have been busy handing in 2 weeks worth of classwork and papers so that I can focus at the Con, so I hope just as much heart can go into my GirlStalk as possible.

I thought because I am a mush, why not mush together a few of my favorite moments from the last three seasons to commemorate this special event.

Here’s to Girl Stalk, for letting me be emotional.

I hope some of my favorite memories are yours as well, and that I can pass some of the appreciation of what is about to happen, to you guys.


My favorite episode






This gorgeous scene

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The Hyundai…and Andrea getting down with her bad self

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Hyundai Again…

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Yeah yeah Stuff & Things…



Rick & Lori, 4 eva




Okay of course there are a million more but if I try to find more I will be up all night. Gotta be well-rested for Friday!


See you at the Con!





Photos credited to AMC

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