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Walker Stalker Con 2013, Cut!

By : Shannon Toohey @shannontoo

It was for a moment, the center of the world.

For a Walking Dead fan-that is. And it will be again, because we are doing it all again and this will be us.


For me it felt like the center of the world for three whole days. I would not ever want to be anywhere else. Surrounded by 10,500 good people who all gather for the same reason-we are a Walking Dead family.

But it is time to be home and reflect because that’s a wrap on the first ever Walker Stalker Con!

I am feeling so many emotions, and everyone at Walker Stalkers and fans alike are feeling the same way.

Call it post con depression, call it missing good friends and good people, call it a low after the highest of highs, whatever you call it turning headstrong into real life is going to be tough! But I know we will go to work and to class and it will soon feel normal again. And those of you who didn’t make it, two more Walker Stalker Cons are in view.

Many who aren’t fans of the show have a hard time understanding why this event was so special. One of the biggest reasons was that cast members who are no longer with us on the show were happy to be a part of the convention. They each mean the world to us fans because each character has a reason for being in the show.

Watching these characters cope in the apocalypse is hard so we root for all of them and miss dearly them when they go.  The characters are developed so well, thanks to the writers, that we feel as though we know them well. The acting is top of the line. There is good reason this show is the number one show on television.

It’s good.

And we love it.

And seeing the actors smiling in person gives one piece of mind that they are not bleeding from the eyeballs, and still have all their limbs. (Scott Wilson)

It’s actually pretty amazing the sights I saw while making rounds at Walker Stalker Con.

Here are some vines I found and photos I took while running around AmericaSmart like a crazy leprechaun.

Some scary Zombies



The Zombie Bash party, by DJ Nemesis!


A funny Beaker Swat Team costume


I watched people’s dreams come true one by one as the sweet Steven Yeun greeted his fans. People from every age had come to see their favorite actors. People from every burrough of the world came to see them.

One couple stands out in my mind. They are both in the military and flew from Germany to Georgia only to attend Walker Stalker Con.  They stood in lines multiple times to take it all in.

Another family marched around in green and yellow proudly representing Brazil, from which they came to the convention.

On Saturday night I stood in my hotel room gazing out the tall glass window at the north side of Atlanta, taking it all in. Just taking Atlanta in. I had just stood in a room watching almost the whole cast of my favorite show gathered together. It almost brought a few tears to my eyes, given how much hard work it took by some of my favorite people, and how the show has touched my life incredibly.


It may now be the only place where it is possible for every cast member (new and old) of the Walking Dead to gather. They are welcomed as if they were family. The Walking Dead Family. Not only the Walking Dead but other Sci-Fi superstars and vendors who sell amazing items are welcome too. From toys to lizards to turtles, to zombies to pig masks.

Gathering for the group photo, an exciting time, and in the words of James Frazier, the climax of the weekend!

Gathering for the group photo, an exciting time, and in the words of James Frazier, the climax of the weekend!

A miracle moment.

A miracle moment.

Where the cast once stood...

Where the cast once stood…

Some goodies sold on the convention floor by fabulous vendors!

Some goodies sold on the convention floor by fabulous vendors!

I hope the guests felt as welcome as we hoped they would. From their smiles, It seemed like they were all enjoying themselves. Each of the celebrity guests were nothing but gracious and happy to greet as many fans as they could. Norman Reedus stayed until he reached every fan, as well as Andrew Lincoln. There is just so much passion in the fanbase. It is un-ignorable. Gonna go ahead and just create that word.

They were mulling around greeting each other, because some of them haven’t gotten a chance to see each other in a long while. It was nice to see that we were bringing these great people together as well.

Every guest was sweet and gracious and lovely. I cannot gush enough over how amazing they all were. Many of them remember fans names from various interactions on Twitter however long ago they may have been.

Since this is GirlStalk! I wanted to put up some of the great pictures I got with the ladies of the show!

The sweet Melissa McBride

The sweet and beautiful Melissa McBride

One of my favorites, the beautiful Sarah Wayne Callies.

One of my favorites, the beautiful and lovely Sarah Wayne Callies.

Another one of my favorites, the amazing and beautiful Laurie Holden.

Another one of my favorites, the amazing and beautiful Laurie Holden.

The beautiful, lovely and sweet Emily Kinney.

The beautiful, lovely and sweet Emily Kinney.

Lastly, a shout out to some of the guests I did not get to speak with unfortunately, I really wanted to meet all of you, please come back again!

Scott Wilson, Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green, Eugene A. Clark, Kane Hodder, Eulyn Womble, Kylie Szymanski, Chandler Riggs, Jay Bonansinga, Lauren Cohan (love you and hope you can make it in April!), Tyler Chase, Mike Christopher, Melissa Cowan, Corri English, Dave Fennoy, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Nick Gomez, Adam Green, Leonard Lies, Travis Love, Joe Lynch, E Roger Mitchell, Moses J. Moseley, Laura Ortiz, and Thesay West.

And to those I had the pleasure of talking with, you were some of the loveliest people I have ever met.

Steven Yeun, Theodus Crane, Jason and Karen, Danielle Harris, Zach Galligan, Emily Kinney, Greg Nicotero, Giancarlo Esposito, Andrew Lincoln, Vincent Ward, Lew Temple, Parker Wierling, Judith O’Dea, Sarah Wayne Callies, Danai Gurira, Laurie Holden, Melissa Hutchison, Madison Lintz, Melissa McBride, Daniel Thomas May, Addy Miller, Melissa Ponzio, Norman Reedus, and IronE Singleton.

Especially Steven Yeun, IroneESingleton, Daniel Thomas May and Sarah Wayne Callies who each never failed to brighten any stresses I were to feel during the whirlwind weekend. I hope all of you can make it back in the spring, I cannot wait to do it all again.

Last but not least, the people who have worked their butts off to make this thing happen, and the friends who I’ve known forever and just hadn’t met yet. Cindi, Cheri, Michael, Nat, Alyse, Michelle, Duncan, Kristina, Sharon, Lisa, Emma, Lawanda, Lee Ann, Robin, Brad, Jason, Karen, all of the volunteers, and JAMES AND ERIC! Without you guys, this would be a twinkle in all of our eyes.

I already can’t wait for the next two conventions, let’s make them more epic than the first.

Sunday’s episode review will be posted shortly!

Much love,


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