The Walking Dead #141 Comic Review

The Walking Dead #141: Opportunity

The Walking Dead #141: Opportunity

Spoilers…  get your spoilers here! Fresh off the presses, get your spoilers here! What’s that kid? You don’t want any spoilers? Run along now kid, you’re bothering me.

Last month, James suggested that perhaps Negan would do the right thing. Maybe, he thought, Negan would alert someone to the fact that his cell hadn’t been locked and we would all be surprised that he didn’t raise complete and utter hell. I entertained the idea, and rather quickly laughed it off as not being plausible. This is Negan we’re talking about, and with the title “Opportunity” given to this issue, I thought this would be something completely different than what it turned out to be.

James was right.

Much to my surprise, by the time Rick got down into Negan’s basement, our favorite bad boy was simply leaning back with that shit eating grin of his and waiting for Rick to come by so he could make a point… that he is someone that can be trusted. As laughable as that sounds at first, he makes a couple of compelling points.

He didn’t leave. He didn’t mess anything up, as far as we know. He didn’t try to hurt Rick or anyone else. For all intents and purposes, it seems like he has been a model prisoner, but to what end? How much of what he is saying about Rick, needing him alive and in his sights in order to remind himself that he is a good man, is true?

The conversation with Andrea sheds some light on where Rick is coming from. He understands what is at stake, and is doing what he believes to be the right thing, continuing on with the “Grimes Doctrine”: we are better than we were, killing makes us uncivilized. I can’t wait to see Rick’s reaction to what Maggie has done.

For whatever reason, I didn’t expect to see Gregory’s justice occur so swiftly and off page. I can honestly say I was a wee bit shocked to be reading Rick pontificate in bed with Andrea on one page, to then see Gregory’s death face, tongue sticking out, staring out at me from the next. I don’t think they could have hammered home the point more… everything that is keeping this loose group of communities together depends on keeping order and control through non-violent means… and Maggie just pulled on the first thread of what may become an unraveling mess.

Wait until Rick finds out that Carl is on a walkabout with the Whisperers. I think the Fair is sounding more and more exciting with each passing day.

Of course, more happened in this issue than just Negan patiently waiting in his cell and Gregory swinging from a rope, we also got our first glimpse into The Sanctuary and get to see our old pal Dwight again. Like Ezekiel and Michonne before him, we learn so much about how the entire new society is structured through these small conversations. Without feeling too much like straight up exposition, we had been denied any info on The Kingdom, The Sanctuary, Michonne, etc., that by the time we get any little hint of something going on we get excited. Sadly, we had to find out about The Sanctuary via Heath and Aaron making fun of the “weirdos” who live there, and through Dwight basically telling “Mr. Grimes” that he isn’t cut out to be their leader. Something about that exchange made me smile… specifically the “Mr. Grimes” bit… this is the guy who shot Abraham through the noggin with a bolt and shot Rick in the leg (granted, he didn’t cover it in zombie goo, so he actually did him a solid on that one, but still).

Rick continues on in this issue as the wizened leader of the community… he talks Dwight into holding elections for who should replace him, he chastises Olivia for failing to lock Negan’s cell in addition to not checking up on him, and he quickly chats with the less than happy cuckold that is Eugene during Rosita’s announcement of their upcoming bundle of infidelity.

At least the fair is coming… I’m sure everything will go smoothly.

What do you think Negan is up to? Do you think Rick should trust that Negan has changed? Did Negan have a point when he questioned what exactly he had done to deserve this, or is he fully aware that he deserves this based on what he said regarding Rick being the greatest person on Earth for allowing someone like him live? Do you think there is a chance that he did do something that has yet to be revealed?

What about Maggie actually going through with Gregory’s execution? Other than Rick’s reaction, what sort of backlash do you think we may see from this decision? What about the two boys who assaulted Carl and Sophia, and their lovely parents?I’m not too worried about Olivia… I imagine she’ll cry it out and all will be right in her world… she’ll simply triple check Negan’s cell door and probably make a point to check in on him a little more often until the shock of screwing up wears off.

And Eugene? I don’t know how he will cope with all of this. The man has reintroduced bread to the world… you would think he deserves better than this. I’m disappointed in Rosita, and a tad grossed out by her gleeful announcement. Bread! He brought bread back! Respect.

Overall, I had to ask myself whether or not anything really happened in this issue. With the exception of Gregory’s new neck-tie, very little actually occurred. Sure, there were some fine conversations as we followed Rick through his day… Dwight, Negan, Eugene, Olivia, and Andrea… but ultimately, all of those served to showcase Rick’s position in this new world. He is the leader, and people come to him with all sorts of problems, and even someone as loathsome of Negan will make an effort to prove his worth to the mighty Mr. Grimes.

Then again… Maggie undermining everything Rick currently holds dear, as well as losing his son to a group of zombie skin wearing cultists may have some serious implications in the future. Perhaps this isn’t a issue meant as a bridge, perhaps this is the calm before the shit storm.

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