The RV Has Arrived! Here We Come!


We’ve been searchIMG_4298ing for MONTHS and we’ve finally found it, our own RV! This Winnebago Chieftain arrived today and will start the overhaul process of making it identical to one seen in The Walking Dead.  With one catch! James & Eric will be turning the back half into a podcasting and viewing room!

We located this RV in Ross, Georgia and had it towed to Nashville, TN. It’s in decent shape and it will undergo some updates and repairs, including new tires, brakes, belts, carburetor rebuild and other repairs.  We’ve wanted to do this for some time, to add to the interactive experience of our events (Walker Stalker Con) and just continue to build on the fun, fan-first experience that we’ve dreamed of!

This Winnebago will tour the country with us, as we visit locations and conventions!  We will be posting more updates as we have them.  But for now, enjoy this 1972 ad from Playboy Magazine on our favorite Winnebago!

See you all real soon!

James & Eric

The Walker Stalkers

1972 Playboy Ad

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