Season 5 Episode 2 “Strangers”


Hi All!!

Welcome back to life after last weekend’s festivities! Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2014 was a HIT! Thank you all for coming out and having a blast this weekend.

We had a lovely BOB-B-Q on Sunday. I will get straight to the point with this week’s blog because I am a few days late on this. But forgive me, I was in a chair in the sky during the episode.


KEY POINTS and tied up shoestrings

  • Rick has accepted Tara into the group
  • Maggie has accepted Tara into the group
  • I think Bob Stookey is a goner pretty soon. They are munching on his leg now, and even if he survived that I think he was bit under water. If he goes, it will be the end of a era here at GirlStalk. Bob Stookey still has got gumption. He always will.
  • The good news is, then Gareth and Alex will die of infection too! Right?
  • We may have a lead on where Beth is! YAY BETH!!
  • Rick and Carol are friends again
  • Tyreese didn’t kill Alex, a sign of weakness.


Enjoy my Vreaction below!


Much love friends!

Until next week!


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