Season 4 Premiere! 30 Days Without an Accident!


By : Shannon Toohey

The beautiful sounds of low moaning and decayed teeth chomping.

They have come.




Oh that’s gross, you say? Well over 16 million people in the nation have pretty raunchy taste then!

A record breaking 16 million. That is how many people tuned into the Season four premiere “30 days Without an Accident” on Sunday night. By the way I hope everybody enjoyed the Walker Stalker Season Four Premiere party!

The moment we’ve been waiting for since last spring is real. 6 long months have passed and all is once again well with the world because The Walking Dead is back on television! And no longer on Netflix on my computer screen. (Bu It will still be on my Netflix on my computer screen.)


This summer was full of zombie dreams. They thanklessly haunted me every couple of weeks. I hadn’t had them since I first begun watching the show two summers ago, But they came in full swing this year. Has anybody else experienced this?

I am running through neighborhoods, over the green grass, hopping chain-link fences, trying to get away. It is thrilling! it is a never ending chase that leaves me to suddenly waken, but when I wake up I don’t know whether to be terrified or sad that it’s over.

But I no longer need to worry about that because I can rest easy knowing that for the next few months they will await me every Sunday without fail. And boy did the writers come through with their promise. There were so many walkers to be dealt with! They seem to be straight up MULTIPLYIN’.

They are also more bloody and decrepid than ever before.


For the first time in so long, Rick is jolly! He kisses a furry animal. And tells Violet the pig to “feel better.” Goodness knows how a pregnant pig survived by itself for a year in a zombie apocalypse but by golly I don’t care!  Sweetest thing ever. And then he laughs! Seeing Rick laugh after all he’s been through, and the happiness it brings, is comparable to seeing Santa Clause laugh.

And coming in a close second: Carol calls Daryl pookie. Let me just say I was once more watching the show from a dorm room, and once again melted to the floor from a futon. (Shout out to Kurtis Hashimoto-it was his futon.) It seems characters on the show are beginning to appreciate Daryl as much as the fans. He’s got himself a few crooners on screen as well as off. As he should.

I do have a small concern. Daryl licks his fingers after he shakes Patrick’s hand. Being raised a germ fiend, ew. But more importantly, Patrick is obviously VERY ill. And his illness leads to sudden death. Sooooo I’m scared.


Everybody seems to be blossoming love affairs. Tyrese and Karen apparently happened over night, and Beth has (had) a boyfriend of her own. Too see him go was unfortunate. Although Beth seems to have it under control. She’s very strong. After losing most of her family member so young she seems to have developed a thick skin. The episode title “30 Days Without an Accident” this time is directly referred to in the episode. Beth has begun keeping track of the days that pass without something bad happening. Also showing that the writers chose to pick up on the first day WITH an accident in a month. Yes!

There is some serious chemistry between Rick and Michonne as well. It seems she’s still taking a motherly role with Carl. Speaking of Carl, he is no longer the only child, but unfortunately we see some differences in him than in the other children. He is visibly much more hardened. I don’t know the backstories of the other children, and although they’ve most likely seen things no child should, I am assuming that none of them had to shoot their own mothers. “Story time with Carol” makes me believe that most of the kids have not used weapons or know how to defend themselves against walkers.

Hershel demands that Rick bring his gun whenever he goes out, which reminded me of a time when Hershel was strictly against the use of guns. I couldn’t help but think back to the farm days of season 2 when Hershel almost kicked Rick’s entire group and pregnant wife out of the house for just carrying a gun.

Also when Rick is in the woods and finds the Scottish woman at her lowest, she resembles him during the Pilot episode where he is completely lost until he stumbles upon Morgan and his son. He says the same words to her as Morgan did to him “If you try anything…”. He now has a system better than ever before to protect his family. Now with his wife gone, similar to how Morgan’s was, Rick has sympathy but will be precautious. He is no longer the person he was at the end of last season. He is out to rescue people, rather than run from them. Ad he will no longer leave people on the side of the road. But that was some crazy stuff. I loved hearing somebody else’s story and seeing how Rick sees it.


Maggie and Glen’s pregnancy scare was a welcomed break from the rest of the action. They were always indoors, in their own sanctuary. It was intimate and comforting seeing them together. It was a little bit of hope in all of the madness of the episode. Baby Judith has turned into a pudgy bundle of delight so I would welcome a tiny Glaggie.

Over all I took two main ideas away from the episode. Firstly, I love Bob Stookey. He’s got gumption. Secondly, we better enjoy the moments of peace in this episode, because based on Patrick’s sudden death, the new ominous threat that Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero, Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman have been speaking of may in fact be a plague. Which means it’s gonna get crazy.


Whatever happens, The Walking Dead season four is in full swing, which means here is a perpetual smile on my face this week. Who’s with me?

Another big thing on my mind is the Walker Stalker Con is in just 16 days! Listen, imagine a 16 year old! That’s so young! Now imagine 16 days. Your mind is blown!

The largest public gathering of the past and present cast of The Walking Dead in one location! We’ve been preparing and will be for the next two weeks until show time! If you are still deciding if you should go, the answer is yes! It will be a once in a lifetime experience if you love The Walking Dead like we love The Walking Dead. It will be a very exciting place to be to kick off November. I am so excited to get to Atlanta! I can’t decide what I’m most excited about, but for a fan, seeing the cast together in one location is more than I ever could have imagined. From Andrew Lincoln to Lauren Cohan to Laurie Holden to IronESingleton, we will have a ball. Also shopping. Lots of shopping.

For vendors and guests, visit!



Until next Sunday…


Shannon Toohey




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