“Infected”-Come Catch The Bug



Season Four Episode 2 “Infected”

Come Catch the Bug!

By : Shannon Toohey



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The second episode of season four of The Walking Dead was called “Infected.” And it doesn’t take much to figure out why. There is officially a bug circulating the prison. It is a “Swine Flu” of sorts.


Fun fact, my friend was once Swine Flu for Halloween. I felt it necessary to include this picture of us I happened to stumble upon. Yes I’m the one in the makeshift bunny costume. Just as a disclaimer on that, the photo was taken in 2009.

I'm sorry you all had to see this.

I’m sorry you all had to see this.

But look! We are foreshadowing! She is posing like a zombie. She is totally cowering over me like Patrick cowered over coughing-in-his-sleep man! This photo was B.W.D. as I like to call it. Before I became enlightened to (infatuated with…) the world of the Walking Dead.

#TWDFamily anyone? Heh… But really! They were probably finishing up filming season one of the show when this picture was taken…now tell me that isn’t some sort of fate! Maybe I was in the writer’s room this whole time…


Tyrese had a big turnaround this episode. His newfound woman Karen, after being serenaded by his soulful lips, is now dead. It really is unfortunate because when we first met Karen, she seemed to have such promise. When Philip-(for those of you who have read GirlStalk before, I rarely refer to him as The Governor. This spurred from my anger at him for seducing our Andrea, and now, more than ever, because he is to blame for her DEATH.)

Governor just gives him too much credit, but we haven’t seen him yet so I’m going to stop talking about him.

Governor Malloy is the only Governor I know and love! Connecticut problems.

So moving on! I remembered when Philip shot all of his men at the end of last season, and that Karen held her breath as he shot bodies around her multiple times. But I suppose she cheated death even then. I was disappointed to see a strong girl go, but I have accepted it. I am interested to see how Tyrese will handle it. He is already very angry, but their love affair was still new yet.

As to who burnt Karen and the other man, I would guess it is the same person who is feeding rats to the walkers. But it could be somebody else. Perhaps one of Philip’s men who has been living in the prison holding back his revenge.


My favorite part of The Walking Dead has always been in its roots. It always has been the story telling that that show brings. The show changed a bit last season. It was fabulous but its pace changed as many shows do. As this happens, I love pointing out little things that bring me back to the beginning. Usually the details tie into a theme. This episode’s theme showed that no matter how hard you try to deny your situation and cover it up, underneath you are stuck in the world you’re in.

“Infected” had me in tears multiple times because of these details. The way Michonne sobbed while she held the baby was really nice to see. I know everybody is excited to learn what that’s about-maybe a lost child. Another emotional scene for me was when Carol filled up with such passion as she told the little girls that they needed to act fast in order to survive. She is teaching these girls what she never could have taught Sophia. The apocalypse was too fresh and she was too shocked and afraid to have taught her daughter what she knows now. She has learned from living in the new world that it is possible to survive even as a young girl.

The way Rick’s eyes filled with pain as he sacrificed the piglets was terrible as well. Rest in peace little guys.

By the way, this,


is so true about the episode.

Going back to the theme I mentioned above, while watching Rick’s face get covered in pig’s blood, I got a weird memory of learning about the symbolism of pig’s blood. I thought “Wow, this would be great for GirlStalk and boy would I feel smart!”  Well, turns out pig’s blood has absolutely no significance. Pigs, on the other hand, had many! In old Christian symbolism for one, they represent sloth and laziness. Interesting that after they were gone, Rick re-equips his gun, possibly ready to stop hiding behind his farmer façade and take charge again.  

Final thoughts about the episode:

Maggie and Glen are adorable with that blue old-school camera. They seem to be the most well adapted pair.

Carl’s got his gun back, those kids better not look at him wrong.

Just imagine for a moment, living in a world with only stale M&Ms.

Judith seemed very excited to be playing with those Red Solo cups…I don’t think they have college in the apocalypse, sorry kid.
It is also extremely sad, that Judith has no real baby toys, and is playing with Red Solo cups.  

Overall, I loved “Infected” and its perfect mix of action and drama. I like Mr. Gimple’s style! I am in the swing and itching for more Dead. I’ve caught the “bug” if you know what I mean…  

There will be only one more GirlStalk until the Walker Stalker Con! The con was featured on The Rolling Stone and Huffington Post sites today with James and Eric being name dropped everywhere! Every day it gets a little more real. This is how excited I am.



So, what’s the weather like in Atlanta right now?


Lol no of course I haven’t started packing! The Con isn’t for 11 days! …………


Till next week….




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