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Watching the show “almost” feels like reading the comic book.  For me, it’s actually been awhile since I’ve read through this story line in the comics.  So even though I have a general idea of what is going on, the show still feels fresh to me.  I try to tell comic readers all the time that even though you’ve read the comics, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you KNOW for SURE what is going to happen in the show because the show is so good at weaving in and out of the comic story lines.  Granted, we’ve been seeing a lot of scenes here recently that have been ripped right from the pages of the comics.  But I believe that all of these homages to the comics are simply setting us up for something new and wild that will shock everyone.  The entire second half of this season has teased the “W” walkers which seems to be a new story line for the show. We are in for a lot of surprises in the finale and I’m glad it’s 90 minutes!

But first, lets look back at 515.  The investigation into the truth behind the loss of Aiden and Noah is taxing.  Nicholas’ steady stream of lies is annoying but if you watch closely at Deanna as she watches the playback of his interview, you might think that she is on to his story.  Deanna is a professional politician so it’s likely that she can easily a sniff out a lie from a frazzled individual like Nicholas. The thing that scares me the most is that this incident has given Glenn a LOT of screen time in the last few episodes.  This worries me because the show tends to give screen time to characters that they kill off.  So my half hearted prediction and subsequent pole in my article about Dale, might actually come true.  I really like Glenn’s character so I’m really nervous for him in the finale.  Let’s hope my prediction is wrong!

Um… Carl is in a tree… with a girl.  Did anyone else have a feeling of big sibling/parental anxiousness about “our little boy” who is all grown up?  In my mind, Carl is still supposed to be a 10 yr old boy who’s in the woods trying to pet a deer, not scoring with the rebel of Garage High School!!  So I have to tell myself, “Just chill, Hacksaw… Carl is growing up and he’s going to like girls and things are going to weird for everyone.  Just deal with it.”

So the epic fight with Rick and Pete finally happens.  And it did not disappoint.  The stunts, the camera angles, the audio, the balance… everything about the scene was great.  Then came “the speech” at the end.  Andrew Lincoln gave an incredible performance as he played the part with true conviction.  Rick isn’t necessarily wrong but his delivery is HORRIBLE.  He’s covered in blood, waving his gun around like a lunatic and clearly frightening most of the people in the community. Right message, wrong delivery… sound familiar?  Take a look back to season 2 when Shane had a similar moment when he cut down the walkers outside of the barn at Hershel’s farm.  I could go into a lot of similarities between the Shane of season 2 and the Rick in season 5 but I think you can clearly see that without me spelling it out.  One thing is clear.  Rick has become the man that Shane said he could never be.


So what does this mean for Rick?  Will he be exiled?  Will he take over?  Can Rick redeem himself?  Will Pete survive?  Will Rick get Jessie?  What will happen to Daryl and Aaron? Has Sasha gone crazy?  SO MANY QUESTIONS!!  Brace yourself… Sunday night will be exciting…

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