Lookback w Hacksaw JackTGIF!  This is the latest I’ve ever written a review so thanks for being patient.  It wasn’t because I didn’t have anything to say because I always have SOMETHING to say.  But my experience with this episode was so much fun that I wanted to sit on my thoughts for a little while before writing this review.  So here is a little about my night last Sunday.

The episode aired on the weekend that we were in Dallas for Walker Stalker Con Dallas.  We had a onesie viewing party and had around 40 people in attendance wearing pajamas.  That in and of itself was pretty amazing but we also had the privilege of viewing the episode with some celebrities who stopped by.  There is something about watching the show with cast members.  I spent half the episode watching the various cast members around the room because I was so intrigued by their reactions.  Both current cast members that knew what was coming and former cast members who were watching as fans just like the rest of us,  we laughed, we cheered, we cried, together as a collective group.  For me, this gathering of TWD cast (past and present), celebs from other movies/shows and the amazing staff at Walker Stalker Con represented an excellent blend of passion and fandom for a show that has swept the nation.  The plethora of emotions throughout the night was something I won’t soon forget.  Ultimately, I had to re-watch the episode on Monday night just to make sure I didn’t miss anything during the excitement.

Our group has continued to fold into the Alexandria community.  Constable Rick and Detective Carol have apparently uncovered a domestic violence situation involving drunk Dr. Pete and Rick’s crush, Jessie.  The episode closes out with Carol telling Rick what he needs to do.  Kill Pete… obviously.  Meanwhile back on Hershel’s farm, Dale is turning over in his grave because nothing is mentioned about a trial or anything.  It’s clearly a different world that the one Dale lived in and our group is making no hesitations in purging “evil” (at least in their eyes) from this little town.  While they’re at it, maybe they can execute Nicholas as well for being a sniveling coward.  So what kind of judgement do you think Rick will reign down upon Pete and Nicholas?

What kind of judgement will Rick pass on Nicholas and Pete?
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If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll know that during episode 510, I trolled social media by posting a picture of Noah with the message “#RIPNOAH” on it.  Naturally, this created all sort of uproar with people yelling at me about “spoilers”.  Of course, eventually they all watched the episode only to learn that Noah did not die in 510 and they fell for my prank (or #OperationBazinga as I was calling it).  Well, perhaps that joke was a little prophetic as 4 weeks later, we see one of the most gruesome and horrific main character deaths in recent memory.  We will never look at a revolving door the same way again now that we’ve seen Noah’s death scene.  As terrifying as it was, I have to give the production team props for the creative writing, staging, gags and execution of this epic scene.  As for the rest of the group who will soon learn the news of Noah’s demise, remember his last words… “Don’t let go…”

Photo courtesy of AMC

Photo courtesy of AMC

Lastly, I want to congratulate James and Eric, the original Walker Stalkers, for their appearance in this episode as zombies.  They are ideal picture of the phrase, “Dreams do come true.”  In case you missed them, here are a few screen shots of their involvement in the Abraham construction scene.

Photo Courtesy of AMC

Photo Courtesy of AMC

Courtesy Greg Nicotero

Courtesy Greg Nicotero

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