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Welcome to “Disturbia”! I mean, Alexandria!  Our group is trying to assimilate into this new, 1st world culture that is so foreign to all of them.  This kind of reminds me of Claimer Joe‘s famous quote where he pointed out that there is nothing worse than an outdoor cat who’s trying to be an indoor cat.  We saw some of that during the cocktail party where many of our group seemed uncomfortable and Sasha completely came unhinged.  But the safest play our group can make is to try and at least act like they are part of the community even though Rick, Carol and Daryl are working on a plan B just in case.

Ultimately, most are calling this a slow episode but I think it’s very important for us to see the group’s integration into this community.  We need to see them enjoy this oasis a little bit before the rug get’s pulled out from under them again.  We saw a walker with a “W” on his forehead so we know that whatever was going on back in Shirewilt in Episode 509, it’s a lot closer to Alexandria than you might have thought.  So enjoy the safety and cocktail parties while you can.  Trouble is coming.

Photo Courtesy of AMC

Photo Courtesy of AMC

Let’s jump right to the good stuff.  There is some chemistry brewing between Rick and Jessie.  But how about Rick going for the kiss on the cheek?  And it wasn’t just a kiss on the cheek but also was followed by long eye contact.  Something is going to go down for sure and I think Pete (Jessie’s husband) might have his work cut out for him if he decides to get into it with Rick Grimes.  What do you think about Rick’s move on Jessie?

What do you think about Rick's move on Jessie? (the kiss on the cheek)
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Photo Courtesy of AMC

Photo Courtesy of AMC

One of my favorite parts of the episode was when Carol snuck into the storage room to steal some hand guns but was spotted by Jessie’s son, Sam.  At first I thought she might stick with her cover and make up some absent minded excuse.  But that’s no fun!!  So instead, she gives one of the creepiest monologues that will likely scar this boy for the rest of his (likely short) life.  Once again, stellar acting by Melissa McBride!

Photo Courtesy of AMC

Photo Courtesy of AMC

Fortunately for Alexandria,  Rick Grimes and company are there to serve and protect.  Seeing Rick and Michonne in their constable uniforms are exciting!  However, it’ll be interesting to see how long these two will fill this peacemaking role until something more serious occurs.  Michonne hung up her sword but I’d be surprised if it’s there long.  What do you think?

When will Michonne retrieve her sword from the mantel?
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