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Wow.  A LOT of stuff happened in this episode.  We’re introduced to a lot of new characters in Alexandria. We see some were ripped directly from the comics as well as some new representations of characters from the comics.

First off, let’s talk about Deanna Monroe (and the husband she mentioned, “Reg”) which is a gender flip of the comic characters Douglas and Regina Monroe.  Deanna is smart and even mentioned that she’s a poker player.  It’s likely that she films all these interviews so that you can re-watch them and look for “tells”.  By filming the group, it would likely make our survivors a bit uneasy and make the “tells” a little easier to spot.  Carol is obviously playing “possum” in her interview and Daryl refused to let go of his possum in his interview.  We’ll see how this plays out.

We briefly meet Jessie played by Alexandra Breckenridge.  We get teased at her character as well as her mysterious husband, Pete.  Look for these two to be more involved in the story lines ahead.  Here is a peek at what Jessie looks like in the comics.


It’s time for me to talk about Rick Grimes.  Everyone knows that I cosplay as Rick at Walker Stalker Cons so my Facebook profile blew up with people asking me if I was going to shave my beard now that Rick has.  All I can say right now is…. maybe. (Who wants my beard in a baggie?)

Rick’s appearance has transitioned from weary, travelling zombie-killer to clean cut Barney Fife!  BUT, Deanna isn’t the only good poker player around. Rick is playing his cards close to his chest as well.  Unfortunately, Rick’s “safety net” gun (with the “J” on it) is now missing. However, he’s going to continue think about each step and each angle of his next play.  At the very end, he lets us in on his thoughts that if the Alexandrians can’t handle themselves, then Team Rick will simply take over. Here is a look at his transition since he entered Alexandria.

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From AMC Story Sync

Last think I want to talk about is my conspiracy theory from this episode.  There have been hints at “wolves” the past several episodes.  In 509, they had the sign about “Wolves Not Far” and also showed us the dissected walkers with a “W” on their foreheads.  Then later we actually see them face some wild dogs.  Now in this episode, we see Carl pick up a comic book titled “Wolf Fight!”.  Is this an easter egg that is hinting at something to come?  What do you think?


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