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The tempo of this episode is not sustainable.  However, I felt like this episode was necessary after the two large character deaths in the last two episodes.   We need to see them struggling.  We need to see them grieving.  We need to see them SURVIVING.  But, I don’t want multiple episodes in a row like this and based on the ending, I think it’s going to pick back up real soon.

First off, my FAVORITE part of the episode was the bridge scene and the wonderful tactical plan of pushing the walkers in the ravine.  It’s brilliant because it’s the most efficient way in that scenario for dispatching a group of walkers.  Unfortunately, one of the characters had to be stupid and abandon the plan.  At some point Rick has to be thinking, “I keep laying out golden ideas and you people keep screwing up my plans!”  C’mon ya’ll, let the General do his thing.

Hey, did ya’ll see Daryl cry in this episode?  I’m pretty sure I heard the sound of millions of women simultaneously whimpering, “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!”  I don’t really have anything more to say other than he needs to just get it out and get back to taking care of business.  I will say, the Carol forehead kiss was a “friend zone” move.

Comic readers had two really big thrills in the last ten minutes of the episode and as a comic reader myself, I thought it would be fun to share the corresponding screen captures from the comics.  First, Rick shared an emotional speech with the crew.  As much as Rick fights it at times, he really is a good leader.  He sees his team struggling and felt that this was a good time to speak up and try to encourage the group.  He finished with his iconic phrase, “WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD!”  Here is a panel from the comics when he uttered the same line in a speech shortly after his fist fight with Tyreese at the prison.


The second comic nod was at the end of the episode when we meet a new character named Aaron.  I feel like it’s safe to assume that Aaron has been trailing them for a little while to make sure they are safe before he reveals himself.  He is likely the one that left the “care package” of water on the road that our group chose to ignore.  There are a couple things to notice about Aaron.  He’s extremely clean, very friendly and seemingly unthreatening.  Next week we should learn more about his intentions and what will happen next.  Here’s hoping he’s a good guy! Do you trust Aaron? Vote in the poll below!

Do you trust Aaron?


Before I sign off, I’ll share the side by side comparison of Aaron’s reveal in the show and the comics. Kudos to Scott Gimple for revealing another character exactly the same way as Robert Kirkman reveals characters in the comics.


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