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The Walking Dead is back with a bang!!  I was confused in the first 2 minutes but in typical Scott Gimple fashion, it all came back around in the end.   Before I talk about the obvious plot point in this episode, I wanted to point out a couple things.

The show has progressed 17 days since Beth’s death (indicated by Greg Nicotero on Talking Dead) and they have traversed 500 miles in that time.  I’m a little upset that we didn’t get to see any of that journey but I guess they wanted to get on with some action.

Also note that the subdivision name in this episode is Shirewilt.  For comic readers, you might remember a location called Wiltshire Estate in Issue 8 of the comic series which was a “safe haven” for the group after they left the Atlanta camp and before they found Hershel’s farm.  In the show, Wiltshire Estates was briefly showcased in Season 2 when Shane and Andrea went out searching for Sophia.   So it’s interesting that they again paid homage to this locale from the comics but did a name flip to Shirewilt.  I’ve included screen shots from the comic and tonight’s episode.


If you haven’t watched the episode, then stop reading.   Tyreese has met his unfortunate end and it’s time to reflect on the Tyreese character.  I’ve not been shy in my distain for the TV version of Tyreese. I’m just glad that Gimple chose to point bring in Martin into the Tyreese hallucinations and pointing out that Bob may not have died if Tyreese would have just killed Martin in the first place instead of lying about it.  Granted anything can happen but I’m glad Gimple used Martin to make Tyreese think about how MAYBE his weakness or inability to do what NEEDS to be done could have been the wrong way to live.

So in respect to his passing, I won’t beat up on Tyreese anymore.   However, Tyreese’s hallucinations brought us some cool cameos.  It was soooooo cool seeing David Morrissey for the first time in Season 5.  Also, for the Beth fans who were shattered by the abruptness of her demise, we got to see her sing one more song (or so we think) and see her, Bob and the little girls fade off in a more pleasant way than they’re actually endings.

One other thing that has everyone guessing is the zombie upper torsos that were trapped in the truck with a “W” carved on the forehead.  Since there was a sign in Shirewilt that indicated that wolves were nearby, my theory is that the upper torsos marked with the “W” were ones that they were feeding to the wolves to keep them from hunting the survivors.  Naturally that’s just a guess and they will show us the true meaning later.


One last Easter egg:  The voice of the British newscaster in Tyreese’s hallucination is Andrew Lincoln!

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