I love this show.  I really do.  I think that’s why I’m so hard on it.  I want it to be epic and I want it to be that awesome story that hooked me from the pilot.  Unfortunately, as awesome as this season started in episode 1, it really kind of fizzled with a few shining moments here and there.  The mid-season finale culminated in the show down between Team Rick and Team General Hospital Police Academy.  There is a lot to talk about and I’ll try to stay as positive as possible but I know I can’t help myself and will have to point out any blatant issues revolving around character stupidity due to lazy writing.

Welcome back Crazy Rick!  Mr. Grimes is obviously tired of nonsense and “Rick-rolls” one of the Grady cops.  This is followed by a short lesson in what you should do when someone chasing you in a car tells you to stop and then culminating in a conversation ending headshot.  Although I loved this scene, I had the thought that if someone had never seen an episode of the Walking Dead and then tuned on to this one, they would immediately assume Rick Grimes is the evilest of bad guys.   It’s crazy how this monster world changes our perception of right and wrong and who is good and bad.

So let’s bounce around a bit and cover the ending.  I would say spoiler alert but I know that if you are reading my review, you either saw the episode or you were already spoiled by 75% of your Facebook friends. So anyways, Beth dies (RIP). Why you ask?  Well it’s because it’s the end of the first half of the season so AMC “had” to kill off someone because frankly, that’s just how business is done these days.  I understand that a gruesome show like this has to kill off their characters every now and then to keep some “reality” on the show.  But if you are going to burn a character that has been around for 4 seasons, shouldn’t it mean something?  We essentially see Beth sacrifice herself for no reason.  Dawn was demanding that Team Rick give Noah back to Grady.  If she was going to make that demand, she should’ve done it before she gave them Carol and Beth!  At that point, the deal was done!  Why didn’t Rick just look her in the eye and say, “Uh…. You’re screwing with the wrong people!”  But instead there was some senseless negotiating with a crazy women who had ZERO leverage.  Then our hero, Beth, stabs Dawn in the shoulder with some scissors and Dawn magically now has a gun in her hand which “accidently” went off and shot Beth in the head.  Daryl then kills Dawn and everyone agrees to call it even and leaves.  And that was it.   That’s what Beth died for.  I wasn’t really super upset about this until I watched the Talking Dead and saw how sad and emotional Emily Kinney was.  I mean she just lost her job for no apparent reason other than it was the mid-season finale and someone had to be killed off.  I could vent more but I think I just need to move on…

I want to get back to Rick.  He is obviously constantly torn between being the Ricktator and respecting the wishes of others.  From the train car in Terminus to the calmer moments at the church, he was back to running the show and he was producing results.  As the group prepared to rescue Carol and Beth, Rick was planning a stealth assault to rescue his people while Tyreese opposed this idea and presented the idea of a trade.  Thanks to some back up from Daryl, Rick conceded to their plan.  Well, we know how that turned out.  So do you think things could have been different if they would’ve went with Rick’s plan?  It’ll be interesting to see Rick’s continued progression thoughout the rest of the season.

Now for a new segment I call:

“I’m not being sarcastic!! “

with Hacksaw Jack

  • Michonne is violently hacking up zombies in the church while wearing an infant on her back who is apparently not harmed or phased one bit by any of this. Apparently the zombie virus is the CURE for shaken baby syndrome!! YAY!!
  • Carol, who sustained internal injuries, was removed from all life-saving machines and left to die BUT later wakes up, is well enough to ride in a wheelchair and then 30 seconds later WALKS out of the hospital without a limp!! IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!
  • Team Abraham learns that Team Rick goes off to rescue Beth from the Atlanta hospital so they decide to drive right up to the hospital and approach the front door and luckily does not interrupt any stealth missions that Team Rick may have been executing! Great tactical planning, Sergeant!!

Well, I feel better now!  It’s been a lot of fun sharing my thoughts with all of you this 1st half of the season!  And I know that sometimes I am a little hard on these guys, but I love this show so much and want it to be AWESOME!!  Even though I complain, it’s still my favorite show and I won’t stop watching (unless Rick dies and then I’ll riot).

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