GirlStalk : The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 “After” We Eat Pudding




The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 “After” We Eat Pudding

By: Shannon Toohey


I am always giddy with excitement when my Monday brain is full of The Walking Dead!



But guys, I’m officially a broke college student and I’m feelin’ it. It’s a struggle. I had always wanted to study abroad and I finally did it over this past winter break! I traveled to London and scampered around Stonehenge, scavenged for food and stared up in awe at Big Ben.

But all the while I vigorously scoured pubs and restaurants for wifi so I could go online and keep up with guest announcements for our conventions in Chicago! It is going to draw part of a different crowd, which is very exciting! It will be more intimate than Atlanta, and will have a new batch of guests from different franchises than just Walking Dead, which is very exciting!

Has everyone bought their tickets yet? I just booked my flights and hotel! Which made me feel even more like a broke college student. But so worth it. I can’t wait to see everybody again!

Here are some of my photos (fine they’re selfies) from London – non Walking Dead related but I think they are pretty entertaining.


photo (2)photo



But now I am in my dorm, sitting down to write about The Walking Dead and it has never felt so good.

Let’s GirlStalk! (Please read with a valley girl accent.)


I got a little seasick watching this one, but it could have been set off by, oh I don’t know…Hershel’s severed-zombified-and-still-animated head!? Talk about disturbing.

I honestly really wish I could title this blog, “Pudding and I’m Frightened”. Because that is what was written in my notes. A lot.

Ta-da! (It is a really bad quality Vine but I stick by it)




Okay let’s talk Michonne.


Because we got plenty of Michonne.


This is getting verrry juicy.


This wonderful, mysterious warrior woman’s past is finally really being explored in depth.

That was weird to type but I just let it happen.


That flashback-dream-thing that they fed us on a golden spoon was something I’ve been waiting for since the first time we met Michonne-when she swooped in to save the life of our dear sweet Andrea. May she rest in peace.


But I did crave this scene even more so after her emotional breakdown during the first half of the season when she held little Judith.


At first it seemed like it could have just been a flashback, but even so I noticed a lot of dream-like aspects of it.

When she put the Katana into the knife box, it slid into the slot as if it fit.

Obviously Katanas are…longer than the average knife- and also longer than a kitchen counter…



It is also clear now that Michonne most likely had a child, the one in her arms in the dream. We also now know that her pets were based off of two men very close to her that mentally tormented her in some way, whether they knew it or not.


I was actually frightened when they suddenly turned armless and bloody. I hid under a blanket. I’ll admit it.



I wonder that if Judith really is dead, if the writers kept Judith around just so she could set off this piece of Michonne’s arc?

When she finds Rick and Carl in the house, I was relieved because seeing her revert back to who she was in the beginning was a scary thought. Maybe now she can overcome her demons, and not have to do it alone.




Now Carl. Carl Carl Carl.

What are we going to do with him? He did and said a lot of reprimandable things that made me really mad. When he referenced Shane, and knows well his father’s feelings towards him.

I mean he said to his unconscious father that he would be fine if he was dead. Boy, you know, The Walking Dead would make a great Shakespeare play.

I think that is the lowest blow Carl could give, but he definitely did not mean those words. He really is still so much a child. He is putting on this act of tough grown up, which only proves just how much of a child he really is.

Also, chocolate pudding has never looked more appetizing. They used to feed us that pudding from the can at my after school program when I was in elementary school.

I’ve been there Carl. Why yes…I would compare that after school day care to a zombie apocalypse…



I also was getting pretty nervous when Rick was lying unconscious. That was when the sea sickness started up again. But he came through! Phew. But it made me wonder what it would be like to actually be ready for the death of Rick. I know that it is inevitable.

From what the episode showed, it looks like Rick, Michonne and Carl are going to be camping out for a while.

Which makes me want to sing this.



I’m so happy that Michonne is going to overcome her demons and not have to do it alone and that Rick is alive and Carl is eating pudding but…


Where is everyone else?


I just feel….


I just feel like…




photo (1)


Until next week!

~Shannon Toohey



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