GirlStalk : The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11 “Claimed”




GirlStalk : The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11 “Claimed”

By : Shannon Toohey



Lots of people are really digging season four. Season three had a few complainers, Season two had many more-but it seems they have really come up with a nice balance here for the fourth. Should we change the phrase to “Fourth time’s a charm!”?  Now that we are deep into the second half of it, it seems like sort of a new story. All of the seeds dropped in the beginning of the season are now being explained.

Even better though, is that new characters are being introduced and new conflicts are quickly emerging.


The big conflict began with the splitting up of the group, which is partially being resolved, as Carol Tyreese and the girls supposedly are in the same safety zone that Rick, Carl and Michonne have just entered. It seems a small portion of the group will unite there.

It also seems the jumpy horror genre that The Walking Dead is reputed to be is starting to show again. The past few episodes had some seriously dark moments. The pink baby’s room Michonne found those bodies in was pretty disturbing.

I love using that word when talking about The Walking Dead, it just fits. You can’t define it because there are so many nasty things that can disturb you. It is such a mysterious word.



Something else that is disturbing, Naked mole rats.


Okay, Let’s talk about Rick for a moment.






Why hello Rick. It’s been a while since we’ve had you alone. *Wink wink*


But really, when was the last time Rick had some real peace and quiet alone time to just him and the audience? Really it’s where we began with Rick. It is a Rick we know well.


The group of men who wake sleeping-bookworm Rick seem to be a rowdy bunch of fellas, but the sequence they caused sure made the heart pound. Did anybody else notice that Rick moves very swiftly when he’s nervous?


Very very swiftly.



Now onto the queen,



Michonne seldom wears white, and this episode she wore a white long sleeved button down, which was very pretty on her. I always try to reference that here because I feel like it has such a great significance for her character. It was a nice relief from her often warrier-esque look. It was more motherly. Here is a picture of it, see it’s just very relaxed!






Michonne is pretty much Rick’s choice of Carl’s womanly mother figure- and what a woman to choose.  She really does bring out Carl’s softer side. I know Carl has a soul, but Michonne allows him to show it a little bit instead of trying to be so strong for his father.


She has pulled out the silly lately, finding some crazy cheese and all. First pudding, now crazy cheez! We’re all about healthy options in the apocalypse.

She finally confides her big secret, (even though she claims it wasn’t a secret) to Carl, who promises not to tell. She had a bay bay named Dre! Carl is sweet here and created a heartwarming moment. Opposite of his uncomfortable rampage against Rick last episode. Growing pains…?



Who else was very frustrated seeing Glenn wake up, and Tara casually informing him that they passed the bus three hours ago? WHY YOU NO STOP TRUCK BEFORE? Tara has all of the noob qualities.


So some final house cleaning,


The new group has formed with Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita, and their biggest concern via Glenn, is finding Maggie. Also Rosita bends over a lot and Eugene is a secret genius, so there’s some hope there. Some hope.


Maggie Sasha and Bob are still out there also searching for Glenn.


All that’s left is Beth and Daryl who are just trying to get by. They seem to be the weakest link right now, and according to the preview for next episode, they will run into some serious trouble next week. Keep the horror alive, Walking Dead!




Big news here at Walker Stalkers! We are holding a Convention in….Paris?! I can’t keep track! Woah!


Good thing I took a few years of French! Time to dust  it off!


And we can’t forget that Walker Stalker Con Chicago is in just a few weeks! Exciting things are happening!


Until next week all,



~Shannon Toohey









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