GirlStalk : The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 “Inmates”


GirlStalk : The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 “Inmates”

By : Shannon Toohey



Dear diary, my small green diary. I’m having a really hard time dealing with a loss today.

It is an unconventional loss, but one that really pulls at the strings within my heart and soul.

Ladies and gentlemen, during last week’s episode I realized something. It was brought to my attention that though we found Judith, and though we found Carol, something was missing. Through this chaos and then sudden shocking relief of finding, we lost a friend.


It’s the end of an era.


The Hyundai.


Was left.


At the prison.







It was good at speeding around while people hung out of her doors shooting walkers. It was Shane’s creation, when he found it on the highway and wired it up to drive.

It sprang into action when the farm was burning down and saved many from the hoards of walkers.

Here it is behind Andrea.



Here it is behind Rick



Here it is smugly knowing that it is a smoother and more modern ride than ponies.

walking dead 3

Somebody made this meme and I liked it.




A reliable getaway car, you never failed us.

As it says, Mint green Hyundai, you will be missed.



Now for the good stuff!





Opening with an inner monologue from Beth was really nice. I sensed that her character is going to start really arcing here. She had a rough patch back at the farm, when she actually wanted to kill herself. She obviously had a lot of hope for the prison, understandably so. I think we all did.

But she is now in the wake of the worst situation. She has just watched her father be killed. He has been her rock through this whole thing. It is really empowering to see her carrying on with such strength in the wake of his death. She has gotten tough as a rock. She didn’t even flinch when Daryl, who is oppositely showing signs of shaken defeat, let a mean comment slip about Hershel. I don’t think he wanted to hurt her I just think he had a moment of weakness and resorted to a defense mechanism, his toughness.


There were also a few very explosive moments on Sunday.


Come on down to Tyrese’s school for girls!

When he ever turned around and was grasping a small light haired baby in his arms, what a relief!

These theories started up at the end of the season, and I made reference to it in this GirlStalk. I KNEW.


But I didn’t actually really know and I was getting nervous. For the simple reason that I really hope we get to see Judith grow up. But really though seeing Tyrese hoarding around a bunch of little girls made for a silly sight.


Then all of a sudden Carol out of the blue?! And just as Crazy Lizzie is letting her murderous passion out on Judith. Girl get your hands off that child! (But amazing acting on the part of Brighton Sharbino-who will be at Walker Stalker Con Chicago in a few weeks! Wooo!) She was so dark and scary. I hope she went to Six Flags or something after shooting that scene. Got a couple lollipops or some Ben & Jerry’s or something. Maybe a puppy.



Have any of you ever seen Drake & Josh? If you haven’t, you are not allowed to read GirlStalk, I’m just kidding.

You know Crazy Steve, the movie theater employee who always yells in the movie theater about the popcorn and cleaning the bathrooms and his Enchilada  . . .






That was me when Lizzie was smothering Judith and then  again when Carol turns up outta the blue to save the day.

Of course she saved the darn day she’s Carol. The most bad woman on the show.


I am sensing a girly theme here, how fitting for a GirlStalk!




Lauren Cohan! That acting though. So intense. When she was searching the bus for Glenn, I just thought it was a great scene.

I love how Glenn and Maggie need each other so much right now and are both set on finding each other.


I do think we need to prepare for the story to go either way. They could find each other in a magical fabulous reunion, or we could go seasons of them not finding each other. I am predicting a reunion, but boy, if we don’t see one. That will be tough for all involved. I feel like it would be a Romeo and Juliet type tragedy. If Glenn goes, Maggie goes. And vice versa.



Tara isn’t my favorite but I’m interested to see where they taker her, or don’t take her. (MUAHA)

Abraham, is a fan favorite, and seems like a . . . fun . . .guy. . . ! And the people standing behind him seemed even more fun!


I think next week will continue from Rick and Carl’s story. I can’t wait to see what Rick and Michonne set out to do. I love the fresh new vibe of everyone being separated. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN.


Until next week!!



By : Shannon Toohey










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