GirlStalk: The Walking Dead Mid Season 5 Finale “Coda”



Hi friends!


The mid season ended with quite the bang. Our beloved Beth is now gone, along with all the other heroes who have died throughout the journey.

Beth had a moment of over strength, and in many circumstances you’d think that would be an awesome bit of character development but for her, it cost her life.

We can go back and forth saying that she shouldn’t have stabbed Dawn or she wouldn’t have died but in the end it was her choice and i believe that she knew what she was doing.


Some other big key thoughts from the episode:

  • Rick has morphed into almost a Shane .2. I’m wondering if he realizes how he has changed.
  • I’m concerned about how maggie will deal with this going forward. There’s a chance it will wear on Glaggie, especially because we have stepped away from their relationship lately.
  • Beth is now in heaven with her dad, who I think would have approved of her decisions in the end.
  • Morgan! Morgan seems to be following the path that the group takes so it shouldn’t be long now until he reunites with Rick and integrates into the group. Any thoughts of what his role will be like? A beacon of hope?

The first half of the season was a lot of set up and genius little hints of what is to come. That Walking Dead never fails to suck me in, and then slap me in the face as soon as I get close.

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