GirlStalk: The Walking Dead Episode 507 “Crossed”


Hi friends!


I hope everyone is staying safe this week, we are expecting a doozy of a snowstorm to roll in tomorrow!


This week’s episode I got to catch very quickly, unfortunately a few days late. As a whole I was not a fan of this episode. It seemed to have roll by a little bit slowly, as if it were just a set up for the mid-season finale. What do you guys thinks?


The main things that stuck out for me:

1. Is it Rick’s gut feeling or is Rick acting irrationally?

This is a tough issue. Rick has been through a lot and we always seem to question his judgement when it seems faulty. He is the leader so his judgment is important.

When he held the gun up to the cop, he wanted to shoot to kill and he would have if Daryl’s kind soul didn’t stop him. At first it seemed “psycho Rick” was making an appearance, but after the same cop rams Sasha’a head into a window, it seemed Rick may have just been using his gut feeling that this guy was bad.

2. Gabriel is the definition of Scaredy Cat

I really believe that this entire world is simply too much for Gabriel to handle. I think that fact that he didn’t save people is messing with his head, and it’s probably best that he escaped because I was half ready for him to start going on a killing spree.

That being said I am still intrigued by him.

3. Dawn is now a nice lady

I am confused as to why Dawn went from being this crazy evil witch to all of a sudden taking a liking to beth. To me it doesn’t make sense especially because she tried to escape. It would make more sense for Beth to get locked up and tortured than now be treated like a queen.

What did everybody think of the episode? What are predictions for the Mid season finale!!! I can’t believe it’s here!! Watch below for more reaction!


This episode showed every group and rotated but I think next week some will meet together in order to try and save Beth, but I have a feeling it won’t end well. A feeling that I get from the previous mid season finales.


Until next week!



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