GirlStalk: The Walking Dead Episode 506 “Consumed”



Hi friends!

How did everyone enjoy last night’s episode?

All you need to do is watch the video at the end of this post to know that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

We were correct in predicting that Carol and Daryl were going to run into Noah right after he escaped the hospital. It takes a bit of persuading but they finally are on his side so-to-speak.

That is when Carol is knocked unconscious by the car so that eliminates the prediction that she enters the hospital “on purpose” as a Trojan Horse of sorts. After that fall in the van, I highly doubt she would have let herself get hit by another car.


In real life, I would need bed rest and lots of ice cream to get over that single van fall.

I want to discuss that as well. Last night a few people were debating on the Facebook comments how that van could actually land on four wheels. My friend and fellow Walker Stalker Petey Cinderson found this, which shows what really happened, and what makes sense to happen with physics and what-not.

But as we know, it fell like this:

Photo credits to Ken L Thomas! Thanks for posting these.

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What did you think of the episode?

Do you agree that if we see Carol and Daryl get together when they find safe haven, it will mean the end of one of them? What below for more fun!


Until next week!


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