GirlStalk: The Walking Dead Episode 505 “Self Help”



Hi friends!


So we were back this week with episode 505, and it was titled “Self Help”.


Lots of people had issues with this one. And for once, I can agree. I constantly take a positive view on the show and I always leave satisfied. But this time I was left indifferent.

As I mentioned on the guys’ live reaction podcast there was a point during the show in which my eyes gazed away from the television and I started reading an article about Introverts on the Huffington Post.

I caught myself and looked back up at the TV but that is a first for me.

Key points:

  • The storyline has been focused on the search for shelter, so why is it so easy for Abraham and crew to find this library and just casually camp out in it? We literally fought to the death to get in AND out of terminus and the church came with struggles too.
  •  Eugene must really be messed up in the head in order to have kept up a lie that long. I feel for him, even though I am angry about what he did. I am more interested in him than I am in Abraham.
  • I am left confused by Abraham. I want to know what he did to his family to make them hate him so much.

My guess is that Glenn and Maggie see how crazy these people are and turn the heck around to go back to Rick and the group. It will be a quick reunion, and I was expecting there to be little or even no reunion!

You guys can watch my reaction to the episode below if you so please!



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