GirlStalk: The Breaking Bad Edition




The Breaking Bad Edition

By : Shannon Toohey



Let’s talk Breaking Bad.

I can GirlStalk Breaking Bad, right?

Aaron Paul is involved, so yes. The answer is yes.


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So it’s been one week since the Breaking Bad series finale aired, and it seems people are still abuzz over the show. As I walk to class or sit in a’cappella rehearsal I keep overhearing the whispers of conversation. “He started out as such a good guy.” “But when you think about it, I would totally accept somebody’s money to pay for MY cancer treatments.” “I looked back at season one and completely forgot that Krazy-8 thing happened!” “Ohmigod it’s a blue lollipop, I have to buy it maybe it will fill my blue meth void.” Okay I made that last one up. Sunday night is empty now for many, (not for long-Walking Dead returns next weekend but we will get to that later.)


When television shows I love comes to an end, it leaves me with a tiny void in my heart. This sounds lame I know! But I think lots of people can relate to this feeling. I mean it can happen at the end of anything, but it is strange that such a strong emotional connection can be formed to a story that isn’t even true in the first place. I recall the pain in my soul as I watched the final episode of Desperate Housewives after 8 seasons. When Tom and Lynette ran to each other in the street and renounced their love, I cried all the way through.


That may have been my first experience saying goodbye to a show I loved. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, this sucks. I probably will never love a television show as much as this one.” Boy was I wrong. Even though Desperate Housewives was around during a very important and wide span of my life-my ascent out of childhood, (5th grade to senior year of high-school) and taught me way too much about way too much.


Don’t get me wrong I love going to the movie theater, grabbing my bucket of popcorn and a pack of Sour patch kids and getting lost in a whole new story for 90 minutes. But there’s something about the familiarity of a television show. We get to know characters over a span of years. We then welcome these characters into our homes every Sunday night, or every hour if we’re talking Netflix. They almost become friends or family to us. TV writers can develop character arcs with such detail and development that the characters have flaws and blemishes so relatable that they make the character seem real. It’s a really amazing phenomenon.


14 million people watched the finale of Breaking Bad last weekend. Imagine 14 million butts glued to the edge of 14 million TVs. That is a crazy number of people. I was one of many who decided to binge-watch about 4 weeks before the finale.


I will admit I lost some sociability. I looked like an old gypsy woman holed up in my quilt with headphones and my laptop, with my eyes glued to the increasing amounts of blue meth. You know that saying “It was like a train wreck you can’t keep your eyes off of.”? I honestly cannot think of a better example of that saying coming to life than Breaking Bad. Over those four weeks I finished all five seasons with 15 minutes to spare before the last episode. Talent, that’s all I’m sayin.


AMC has broken out as a huge contender in producing high quality television with Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad. The ratings for the final episode alone prove this. The past few years Breaking Bad has pretty much defined what quality television is, and you did not have to be a fan of the show to know it. Bryan Cranston’s name was constantly being dropped in every magazine and on every entertainment channel for the past five-or-so years. He’s the man of the hour, but I thought the acting of RJ Mitte, Anna Gunn, Betsy Brandt, Dean Norris, Aaron Paul, Giancarlo Esposito (who will be at Walker Stalker Con!) Bob Odenkirk, and Jonathan Banks was simply flawless as well.


On top of the acting, it could take weeks to put together the intricate details Vince Gilligan poured into the script. Each time I watched Marie carry her royal purple purse, or wear her plum sweater, it made me think. Why was she wearing so much purple? Why is the lab floor so red? Why are Jesse and Walt fighting? Why is everything reflecting blue all the time? Why is half of this bear’s face burnt off? There are answers to every symbolism question you could have. Simply amazing.


I really liked Breaking Bad, although it was only in my life for four weeks. But I am so happy I got to experience that television magic live, even if it were just the last episode.


I guess it’s time to say our goodbyes to Breaking Bad, and send her off to TV heaven.


Goodbye Jesse. Bi***. Magnets.


Goodbye Skyler, and your now forever glazed-over eyes. Could be mistaken for a zombie these days. As a wife, you deserved better.


Goodbye Flynn. You are a hero.


Goodbye Hank. You were a darn good agent.


Goodbye Marie. Your hair was always so flippy.


Goodbye Saul. Wait nevermind you’re getting your own show.


Goodbye Gus. But not really because you’ll be at Walker Stalker Con!


And Goodbye Walter, and all of your crazy bad ways.


But through the darkness, there is light. As one show is sent off, we are awaiting another’s return. And this one is my favorite. The Walking Dead returns in one week! Woohoo! I am so excited to welcome The Walking Dead back to us! Season 4 here we come! There will be many more GirlStalks to come in the upcoming weeks, with season 4 premiering and a full blown Walker Stalker Convention only a few weeks away! I hope you enjoyed the Breaking Bad edition!


~Shannon Toohey







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