GirlStalk “Still” talking character development




GirlStalk “Still” talking character development

By : Shannon Toohey





This week’s episode was a Bethyl episode. And I mean that in a non-romantic way. It dug way down into the depths of Beth and Daryl.

But did it go as far as it could have?

Many of you guys are saying that it was not-so good material to work with-especially the scenes for Daryl. I’m agreeing on that part. The Daryl hiding in his shell stuff felt like it may not have been realistic. He had already come really far in his developments. It seemed strange.


I of course felt the emotions from the writing and was entertained, but I agree that many pieces could have taken different turns.


I kept hearing “something controversial is going to happen on the show!” I heard that Daryl was going to die, or that Beth and Daryl would hook up! Which I secretly kind of hoped for something other than just a brotherly sisterly bonding session. Now that I think about it, I think it could have been a lot more controversial! Something crazy and unexpected is due. I’ll be the first to say it.

That said, we do not know what is to come.




There is a big back and forth that I keep feeling from the Walking Dead family.

I’m talking about this schism between us.


There are those who want action.

and those who want drama.



The episode was called “Still” and how ironic! This battle of the fans is STILL going on!


Since the beginning, since season two when the show focused much more on characters than anything else. Looking back, all this makes Season One, well, perfect.


How difficult is it to achieve perfection in any feat?


Well if we are talking the perfect mix, the episode’s got to have elements of Character development, blood that makes you cringe, and action that keeps you on the edge of your seat. There have been a few episodes throughout the past couple years that have had the perfect mix.


But then I think again that the perfect mix is different for everybody!


This fanbase has developed something they want from the show. It established itself early on and now everybody craves that one thing. But I’m not even sure what that thing is! Maybe it’s a squirrel. Maybe it’s a cheeseburger. Maybe, just maybe, it is Rick when he tilts his head to the side all confuzzled. Behold.




Maybe it’s Carl being disobedient.



Or maybe, you sickos! It’s death!



Anyway, I’m kidding. Its different for everybody, and I think that is a beautiful thing.



So yes, this season we are STILL talking character development. Some like, some do not. I do usually enjoy it, but lately I’ve been enjoying the action more.













Now this episode was certainly one of character development. The focus has certainly shifted to Beth lately, and I feel that the writers used the death of Hershel to spur this on. First with her diary, now she’s flipping off houses, I mean this is certainly a development in the land of Beth.


Raise your hand if you want action!




Raise your hand if you like drama and character development!




Some other fun things- tonight Norman Reedus will be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon! Love it!

Also, Walker Stalker Con Chicago is in 9 days! Who is coming out to experience our second of these wonderous events? I can’t wait to see everybody there!


Till next week,

Shannon Toohey








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