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Hi everyone!


I apologize for this post being a little late! I could not watch the episode because I was away on vacation, but I am finally caught up!


We were so excited for this episode, mainly because we knew our leaders James and Eric would finally be shown ON the show! They were walkers on the show, and how amazing it was to finally see this dream come to fruition! Congrats guys, you are officially the coolest bosses around.


Check it out!


Courtesy Greg Nicotero

Courtesy Greg Nicotero


So cool!! Congrats guys!



On to the deaths:

Aiden suffered pretty much the grossest death I remember in recent times on the show-until of course I saw Noah’s. Both were so unfortunate! They were the types of deaths that tore you up inside……..

Really though! They made me sad!

I was struggling to watch Aiden as his stomach was torn apart, but he was kind of a jerk so I guess it serves him right.

Noah on the other hand: I really really liked Noah and was actually sad to see him go. I thought he could have done more but his death was really effective and it looks like Glenn needed to see that for whatever is going to come next for him.


Carol is obviously not going to take any more crap in her life, as much as she wants to push the kids away. She is going to do whatever it takes to prevent the hell her life had been before this all happened.


Gabriel is so annoying for telling Deanna all that stuff about the group being the spawn of satan or whatever. Where has he even been? He doesn’t even know half the stuff they did, and wasn’t he the one who felt bad for what he did? He is probably worse!


I can’t wait to see what happens tonight. Only one more until the 90 minute finale!


Until then,

Shannon 🙂




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