GirlStalk: Season 5 Finale “Conquer”



Hi everyone!


It’s done! Season five is officially done, I can’t believe it! Five seasons have gone by in a flash.

I was scrolling through Twitter/Timehop today and saw that it was two years ago that Andrea died on the Season three finale. Craziness!


This episode was exciting, I thought it was one of the best finales we have seen, if not the best.

What stood out to me most was the triple threat storyline that was beautifully written and entwined together. The other great aspect of the finale was that gut twisting sense of nerve that only so many episodes give us. This one certainly followed through on that! My stomach was knotted just about the entire way through the 90 minute show. Thank goodness there were no Cadbury Creme eggs in my house because I would have eaten them all.


Morgan was a huge highlight for me, I loved how he centered the episode. Even though the other storylines felt to be crashing down, whenever I saw Morgan I felt like everything would be okay. It could have been because he brings me back to the first few episodes, and his calm and collected demeanor also helps.

But what a bad dude he has become! He has developed some serious skill.

The meeting of Rick’s eyes just as he is killing a guy was just the best. Such a perfect way to reunite. And Morgan won’t even question it I bet. They have such a great bond.


As far as Sasha and Gabriel’s crazy mentally unstable face-off, did anyone else sort of giggle at how crazy the two are acting? At the same time it is sad but I’m glad Maggie was there to shake them out of whatever funk they are in. Hopefully! I will still have a hard time trusting Gabriel.


But the highlight would have to be finally Pete getting what’s been coming. And the fact that Deanna gave the okay added something awesome to that moment. Everybody will have to be on board now. We have a solid team moving forward and I really like the way the crew has grown.


Glenn’s near death moment felt like an April fool’s joke from the beginning, I totally knew he was gonna make it guys! I totally wasn’t freaking out! Wasn’t guzzling down my wine at all that’s crazy talk!


Lastly, the brother moment between Abraham and Eugene was so cute, they’re adorable.


I just want to make a quick mention to one of our cherished leaders, Eric Nordhoff, the Walker Stalker himself having his final sendoff podcast this past Sunday. We will miss him until we see him next! I thank him deeply for the opportunities he has given me during his time with us and will take a piece of him with me to each and every city that WSC takes on. Much zombie love!!



Well guys, until next season! Or see you at the next Walker Stalker Con- Orlando perhaps? See you soon!





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