GirlStalk : Get “Us” out of Terminus.


By : Shannon Toohey


GirlStalk : Give “Us” one more episode!



I have a wonderful idea.

Walker Stalker Con Hawaii. Huh? Yes? Who’s in?

Can you believe that the East coast is due for more possible snow?

Mother nature, this is inappropriate.


We have more important business to attend to obviously.


The next Walker Stalkers podcast guest will be Andrew Lincoln! You can send in your questions to be asked now!!!



Hi all!
Last week’s episode was brutile, what with Lizzie’s murderous ways coming to a head, leaving her dead. (Check out that rhyme!)


Coming off of the death of two little girls, I would hope that there would be some sort of relief before the finale which we know has the potential to be twice, thrice, or even ten times as bad.


There was love and sparkles and heroism and unicorns this weekend! I could almost see myself snuggling on the couch with a big cartoon grin on my face while watching!


I’m referring to Glaggie, of course. They reunited!! Woohoo! They found each other after a very long half season long hike! But it was a fun hike! Right?


Granted we still don’t know where Beth is, and SPOILERS ALERT? Maybe? I don’t know. Everybody keeps saying that this Terminus place is no good. My mother has even gone as far as to predict that this woman, at the end of the episode is actually COOKING BETH. Many of ya’ll have compared her to the picture in the house of the little girl, who I previously thought was lizzie, but now the side braid has followed us HERE:




It’s a cute look! But the lady is a sketchball.




Daryl’s new crew is admittedly the crew who Rick ran into in that house, and odds are they will hurt him if they see him so  let’s pray that does not happen this Sunday!

The leader of that wolf pack reminds me of a grandfather I never knew. He just seems like an uncle who would buy me candy or something. Weird, I don’t know.

I’m happy to know that Bob and Sasha are also alive and well right now. Bob’s my fave.



Let’s talk the finale. Last midseason finale we lost Hershel-which capped off (no pun there I promise) the Governor’s arc on the show. I honestly do not know what to expect this time.

Predictions of who is in danger at this point-

Carol- she is featured in this poster….




(along with a few others), but that could just be to throw us off. She did have a big episode in which she had to put Lizzie down, leaving her in quite a crazy mindset. She has now killed three people and may leave herself responsible for Mika’s tragic death and is well aware of the missing light she took with her. She may have found some peace in admitting to Tyrese that she killed Karen and so far he seems to have forgiven her, but time can do interesting things to the mind.

I can see how dark of a place Carol could be in right now and it would be understandable if she finds some peace, even if it is found in death. But something tells me she wants to fight now more than ever.






Glenn- Silly Maggie says something sort of telling and terrifying as she burned the picture of herself sleeping. She says, “You are never going to need a picture of me again.” And with a too-happy-for-this-world grin on her face burns the photo.

Are you saying he’s not going to need it because he’s going to, um PERISH?

I really hope not. I watched hundreds of fans come up to Steven Yeun at Walker Stalker Con Chicago last weekend. Let me just say that there will be many devastated fans if Glenn doesn’t make it to season 5.



The most unnerving poster is this one.






Guys I think we may have something to worry about. I’m nervous about Rick…. Andy is doing ALL sorts of press this weekend, including The Talking Dead. Somebody once said he would never do Talking Dead unless….well you know.



I’m scurred.



Terminus means end of the line. But does it mean the end of the struggling? Or the end of your life?

Who will arrive? Who will survive?

I’m starting to get the feeling that those who DON’T arrive, survive.



Oh and did you guys know that Hedgehog’s can float?




Until the finale!!! Sad faces!!!



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