GirlStalk Episode 512 “Remember”



Hi all!


This past week’s episode was so good, but I have so many questions!


Here we go,

First, Rick’s beard is gone! Everyone do a happy dance! I personally think Rick is now back to his best look. And with the Constable uniform? Psh! He is 100 times hotter.

I think him and Jessie are destined for a steamy hookup and I can. not. wait.

I think seeing her “husband” may have been imagined, but if it wasn’t, that makes for an even better love affair. I’m all for it. Bring it on people.

Do you guys agree? She is sort of what seems to be the new Andrea from the comics. I don’t know why but this is just a very exciting prospect for me, since I was a supporter of the Rick/Andrea relationship that many discussed.



Second, on the topic of good looking men on the show, Daryl needs to take a dang shower! I know he’s supposed to be dirty and grimy but dude, you must smell awful.



On to Deanna. I actually think she is a very cool character. I think the video recording is to evaluate whether they were telling the truth. When Carol sat down and acted soft and fluffy, my jaw dropped. But I think Deanna could probably figure out that she was bluffing.

I am a fan of the whole “everybody take a job” thing, it’s cute. For now at least.


That said, I think Alexandria is safe for now, but I know that things will begin to unravel soon, we will have to wait and see!


Till next week!




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