GirlStalk – Episode 510 “Them”




Hi lovely Walking Dead lovers!!


First things first. Who is this Aaron person and why is he so calm and collected? And clean? Point us in the direction of his shower because we are getting GRIMEY.


His whole “LOL stranger danger I know right?” game is off putting at first but if you know anything about the comics:


Aaaron is a prominent character in the comics a has a pretty clear path and relation to this Alexandria place we are supposedly headed very soon. So time will tell when we see this magical land. It is kind of impossible to not be pessimistic when meeting new people now, but the group has been through so much turmoil so at this point it may be turning into indifference. We will see!



Turning the page a bit, this episode was pretty Maggie heavy. I am glad this was coming because we have all been asking ourselves what she is feeling. Well, we have our answer! She was not feeling very well.

At all.

None of the group really is though. But especially Maggie because of all she’s been through in a small period of time. I am interested to see her grow even more now within herself and without the help of Glen, which this episode really started to show.


Everyone seems to just be at an all time low right now on the show, I actually was a little gloomy after the episode finished. I had to look at pictures of flowers and read inspiring quotes after this one.


This episode had a lot of great stuff in it though, which just continues what has been a great second half so far!

See you guys at Walker Stalker Con Chicago this weekend!! Another one already! Woo hoo!





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