GirlStalk: Episode 504 “Slabtown”


Hello good people of the apocalypse! I have a lot to cover for this week’s episode of the show.


The main driving point of Slabtown was Beth. We were waiting and waiting to discover what happened to Beth. Well, they gave it to us. They gave it to us good.

The whole hospital village, I’m assuming that is what Slabtown is, really bothers me. Mainly because it caused me to lose some hope. Sure there are some good people among the group, like Noah for example who I love, but the people who run this place are absolutely insane. And it’s disheartening.

Every focal group we come across seems to have some core value twisted and turned around. It’s like that show, “1000 Ways to Die”. Instead it’s “1000 Ways that the Apocalypse Can Make you Lose your Marbles.”

  • Woodbury – The majority were good people, but they were brainwashed by The Governor, who was emotionally disturbed and hopeless (although these past few groups of people make him look good.)
  • Terminus – Their motto was basically eat or be eaten. IF by chance, they didn’t like you, they’d enjoy your flesh for lunch.
  • Atlanta Hospital – As long as we force people to work for everything we give them, humanity will return someday! It will be golden! And let’s feed our friends’ bodies to the walkers!  Even if they are doctors who are the only people we really need right now!


Every leader as well seems to be a false shepherd! I covered some of the elements of this group that were the darkest and most disturbing to me. Specifically the sexual predator vibes I got from Gorman. (Seriously creepy),


All in all the two police officers who were radical and assaulting is really a let down. I would hope that police officers would keep their respect and know what the human race is about if something like this were to happen.

I really hope Noah is the one in the woods with Daryl, he seems like a really cool kid. Also, I heard some buzz that Carol may have gone in there and faked it in order to get Beth out.


It could have gone like this:

-Daryl and Carol chase the car they see with the cross on the back

-They get to the general location of the hospital

-Beth and Noah escape

-Noah runs into Carol and Daryl, and tells them what’s going down in that place

-Daryl says he will go back and get help, while Carol fakes damsel in distress in order to break in and be with Beth.


What do you guys think?


Until next week,


~Shannon 🙂



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