GirlStalk: Episode 503 “Four Walls and a Roof”



What did we think of Sunday’s episode?


I keep thinking about how satisfying it is to not have the Terminus storyline being dragged out. I was almost expecting them to be worried about these cannibals for a long time coming, but it seems that we are moving on quicker than expected.


Bob Stookey propelled the deaths of Gareth and his cannibal crew, and unfortunately, he also became a casualty. The good thing about it is that he went out smiling and he went out with dignity. (As much dignity as you can have in the apocalypse.)

It was full of horror-movie like suspense. Just in time for Halloween!! Love it!


Some cliffhangers

1.Who is with Daryl in the woods.

I’m thinking it is Carol and somebody else. Maybe Carol is bitten. 😡

2. “Who Took Beth?”

The preview of next week show images of Beth in a hospital gown, waking up with bruises. I am ready to hear her story and see why they took her/where she’s been.

3. Glaggie come back!

Abraham and Eugene have decided to leave for Washington, but for some reason Glenn got caught up in going with them in order to be able to save themselves from Gareth in one night.

The show is constantly pulling people out of the group and putting them back together. Which is realistic I think. The good thing is that for the meantime Glaggie is together.


Watch my Vreaction here if you so desire:)


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