GirlStalk : Don’t Look at the Flowers at Walker Stalker Con Chicago






GirlStalk : Don’t Look at the Flowers at Walker Stalker Con Chicago

By: Shannon Toohey








Have you all recovered from the weekend’s events?

As you can see it has taken me an entire week. Happy Friday everyone!!!



This weekend was big for us Walker Stalkers!! We held the second Walker Stalker Con ever! It was held in the beautiful land of Chicago!


It all came together quite well, with only a few bumps in the road. I had a blast and can’t wait to get back in Atlanta in the Fall! Before this though, is POPaticon in June, for which we are planning away now! I hope you can all make it!


Here are some of my pictures from WSC Chicago! It was a place full of friends, fun, zombies, and cast and crew of The Walking Dead, Arrow, and The Tomorrow People! So exciting.


Look at this picture,

It was taken before Sunday’s episode and I was so happy I took it in hindsight! I survived!






Now on to the episode! Wow. Just wow.


This was obviously the final episode for our favorite sisters, Lizzie and Mika. I thought it was beautifully done. The material Melissa McBride was given was harsh and she played it like a champ.



She is such a fabulous actress. I was blown away.


This sort of expresses how I felt when Carol and Tyreese approach a bloody handed Lizzie.




There have been many pictures posted on websites like, that illustrate the hints we have gotten in previous episodes leading up to these events. For example the house that Carl and Michonne find-there are clues to two young girls living there. There are pictures of rabbits, and flowers all over the place in the house.


Remember the dead girl in the chair? She has the same side braid as Lizzie, and has a bullet wound in her head. There is lots of symbolism. It is almost haunting. This world has gotten very dark.



I had tweeted that it had been about 2 years since The Walking Dead has given me nightmares. They definitely returned after “The Grove.”


Lizzie seems to have had this walker-loving attitude always engrained in her makeup. From when she killed the bunny and pinned it to a board at the prison, to when she fed live rats to the walkers, there was a mental oversight with her.



I am just happy that they decided to save Judith in this whole equation. The girls were not fit for the world it seemed, and would need to go eventually. This way was just tragic and deeply disturbing. I’m surprised they let it go on television-but then again we have already shot four little zombie girls in the face. (First victim, Sophia, Penny, and Governor’s adoptive daughter earlier this season.)



Moving forward, Tyrese forgave Carol and only because of the death of the girls and how fresh and horrible it was. Carol is now more of a warrior than I ever thought she could be. She needs a week in the Bahamas. Somebody find an airport.



Rest in peace Mika, and Lizzie. Even though you were as opposite as heaven and hell, you were little girls who could never get the help you needed out of this apocalyptic life.



I think these last two episodes are going to hold some more crazy stuff. We should probably buckle our seatbelts because this is just the beginning.


Until Sunday!

Shannon Toohey



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