GirlStalk: “A” Walking Dead Season Finale



GirlStalk: “A” Walking Dead Season Finale

Shannon Toohey



I hope everybody had a hijinks filled April fool’s day!

And by the way, this comic book thing was a trick. But such a good trick! So sly. So sly. Daryl is not in the newest comic, but how awesome would that be!



The Walking

The Walking



I want to open up GirlStalk with some shout outs to some lovely people who made me laugh yesterday!

I opened my Twitter to suggestions and these three were quick to respond!



As far as the people go, I completely missed that scene. I had to retrace and look closely, Randy I think I know what you are referring to now. I am so not surprised!

Terminus is a scary place. I heard the rumors and caught the bug. I really think there is cannibalism happening inside. I hope nobody ate Beth!


Dry milk packets…hmm. I’m just thinking babies. Something about babies. I mean babies have tender meat so maybe we are fattening up the babies. (I hate to be blunt.) Lookout Judith!

(Another random thought. Can we just name Judith after Judy Garland? Just, what if all the Broadway songstresses perished in the apocalypse? Just, what kind of world would that be? I don’t know. This is what I worry about.)





Merri, ChooFab’s suggestion made me think: Some Rick Abraham action would serve all of us. Ladies?




And Molly,

Let’s be real, Norman Reedus wears neither.



Switching gears back to Terminus. There are many tiny details that can be analyzed about what happened during the finale this weekend.


For one thing, the room full of dismembered bones and bloody tissue lying on the floor.

For another, the room full of candles and “prayers”.  Some of the writing said things like “For us, Always.” It had phrases that seemed to encourage the residents of Terminus to care only of themselves.


The finale was titled “A”. This really got me. Any ideas of why?

Is the Walking Dead taking a page from Pretty Little Liars? Anyone?

The one thing I did notice was that “A” was written around Terminus everywhere! Most notably it is on the train car they are currently trapped inside.



Season 4 was a solid season. The prison sickness, the Governor’s arc, Hershel’s death and the group’s second separation almost being figured out. There were some GREAT episodes. The Grove was fabulous.

I am really happy that they used this season to mold Rick, and that Hershel had a huge part in changing Rick throughout the season. It was nice to see him back on the show Sunday in flashbacks teaching everyone his Hershel ways.


Rick’s final words of the episode, a little while after literally chomping off the neck of an old man: “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” Love the passion Rick. Keep it comin my man.

I always say that showing your neck is a sign of trust-NOT TO RICK GRIMES IT AINT.


I am going to try and use this summer to read all of the comics, so that when GirlStalk comes back in the Fall I will have a whole new set of knowledge to draw on.


Thank you for reading this season!

If you get cabin fever, come to Boston in June for POPaticon. Norman Reedus has been confirmed for a Boondock Saints event and we will have plenty of more awesome guests that we think you’ll love! We will see you there!


Until next time…

Shannon Toohey




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