Episode 8 “Too Far Gone” : Bitter Goodbyes and Hershel Greene





Episode 8 “Too Far Gone” : GirlStalk – Bitter Goodbyes and Hershel Greene – The Walker Stalkers


By : Shannon Toohey




Wow guys. I am feeling a bit numb from Sunday night.

We have such great love for this show, such ‘big zombie love’. We also know the risk in loving this kind of show too much.

Loving this show is like loving the bad boy in high school who is a really good kisser but skips class to smear banana peels on the gym floor and draw graffiti on the football storage unit. I feel like Wynona Rider in ‘Heathers’. You know that eventually you will become the football storage unit. And his graffiti will be on you. And your broken heart. And if you are Heather, he will kill you or your loved ones.


Okay so that was a bit extreme. But you know what I mean right? I mean really!


But I have a personal woe to share. I am usually the picture of a weepy fan during the show. The littlest streak of emotion from Carol or Rick can cause waterworks. This is me the entire time.






But this took it a step further. It left me in shock and unable to breathe. It was one of those moments when I wanted to cry so badly, but was too busy covering my wide open mouth with a blanket and trying to pick my organs up from off the floor.


At least my stomach, brain and jaw from off the floor.




Now what really got me and turned on the waterworks was after the episode, when Lauren Cohan, the beautiful sweet Lauren Cohan, began to loose composure on the Talking Dead while sitting next to Scott Wilson. We love you Lauren! And we love you too Scott. I am so happy that Scott is coming to Walker Stalker Con again. I never got the chance to meet him last time!


It is easy to forget that the actors have gone to work with each other every day, and now have to show up and not see a friend they’ve worked with for the past two years. The crew the cast and the fans all experience it.



A few episodes back, I featured Hershel in GirlStalk after he saved Glen and most of the sick people in the prison. Since that episode he has passed down his very own wise words to Rick.

Actually, since the farm Hershel has been a mentor to Rick. He was a father to not only Maggie and Beth but to everyone.


Rick has been at a struggle with his leadership this season, but he came full circle as a leader this week and Hershel knew he helped him. Rick used Hershel’s words of wisdom in the face of danger. He took control in a new way. A peaceful and sensible way. Which is why Hershel died with a smile on his face.



I just want to take a look back at Hershel’s life on The Walking Dead through pictures. I hope everybody is healing up well. I know it was a tough one to get through, and even tougher that there is a two month wait for another episode to ease the pain.



When we first met Hershel he was a very different man. He saved Carl’s life and earned all of our love right off the bat. He had lost his wife and much of his family. He didn’t believe that the walkers were dangerous. His hope was to treat them and bring them back to life. He was set in his ways.


episode-7-rick-hershel the-walking-dead-2-02-hershel-to-set-clear-boundaries-with-survivors





He protected his farm to for as long as he possibly could. “This is my farm. I’ll die here.” – Hershel Greene.




He was the voice of reason after Dale. Constantly telling Rick his ideas. Always sensible. Always genuine. He believed in his faith and it carried him through.

And then he lost his leg.




But he got through it and he saved countless lives with a mechanical leg.




A believer. A fighter. A father. A friend. A hero.






We love you Hershel.


We wish God had something else in mind too.






Two very opposite men died this week.



I say the second man’s death calls for celebration.




And there it is folks. He’s gone.



Phillip. Brian. THE GOVERNOR. Whatever your name even was.


And good riddance. He had quite a development over the past two episodes. We saw what was really happening inside that brain of his and it was not pretty. He has killed three too many beloved characters and I am breathing a sigh of relief that he’s gone. I am almost too numb to care that he’s gone.


Of course I’m letting my emotions show, but really it is extremely sad that a human being could be caught so far into a trap of evil that even when he wants to change, he simply cannot. But his chapter is closed, thank goodness.


Unfortunately he had to indirectly cause sweet little Maggie to die in the process, along with forcing the prison gang to kill many people themselves.

I was so happy that they had Michonne end him, and Lilly really end him. Lilly is representative of all the women he has wronged, including our Andrea. Lilly trusted him and he tore her life apart.



But it’s finally over. Phew.



Honorable mention was Lizzie coming out of nowhere with that gun! Woo hoo! Good shot girl! I was jumping up and down for her at that point. Who cares if she’s creepy!

Altough when the little girls were carrying Judith’s rocker they were shaking her around and I was concerned for Judith’s little head!


And if she’s really dead then I have a bone to pick with those girls. Why would you leave a baby in the middle of the courtyard?! Grr.

But there is a GIF spreading around of Tyrese running with what seems like it could be a baby. Also, Talking Dead did not include her in memoriam section so it is likely she is alive.

This is the link,



Our people are left separated now and the prison is overrun, which I was afraid would happen.



Beth and Daryl went their own way.


Glenn is on the bus with the rest of the Woodbury crew.


Bob, Sasha, Maggie and Tyreese are also separated from the rest.


Rick and Carl are together alone.



I hate to say this, but that’s a wrap on the first half of season 4. Who knows what is in store for the show, but I know I am enjoying every bit of it while I can.


Email or tweet ideas for GirlStalks for the next few weeks! I’ve gotten many pictures of fans with the cast at the Con. Send more over and we can do a weekly feature! A predictions edition may also be headed your way! Whatever your hearts desire! @shannontoo or [email protected]!


Enjoy your holidays everybody! Merry Christmachanukkwanzakah! I was thinking about canceling Christmas but I think Hershel would want us to celebrate Jesus’s birth.

And thank you so much for enjoying GirlStalk. I Ruv you!






There are so many questions for February to answer. Nine Sundays. That’s all! Just nine. Deep breaths guys, we got this.



From here on end, we should just take Rick’s final words to Carl this week to heart.


“Don’t look back. Just keep walking.”


But that would be no fun…




Until next time,















Photo Credits to PopBunker, AMC

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