Episode 7 “Dead Weight” : GirlStalk-Here Comes One Eye Bri!







Episode 7 “Dead Weight” : GirlStalk-Here Comes One Eye Bri!

By : Shannon Toohey



Well, we knew it was coming didn’t we? It was only a matter of time before he pounced.



Seems The Governor has not changed that way we thought he did.

Psh! What? No! I wasn’t fooled…



But it gets more and more apparent that there is more to Brian than meets…the eye…




After all, there have been books written about him. In Jay Bonansinga’s trilogy he is explored in depth and this episode only shows tidbits of that character.

If you haven’t yet read the books by Jay Bonansinga and Robert Kirkman, you can pick them up at at book store, I just got mine this weekend! This is the first of the trilogy:



These episodes that revolve around the Governor seem to be coming to an end, but we learned a whole lot about him over the past two episodes.



In the beginning of “Dead Weight”, there was a huge chess analogy happening. It symbolized an impending conflict, or many little conflicts. Megan says to him “it’s your move,” while they play chess. The wheels in his brain start turning, and bringing him back to his old self.



He admits this episode that he was beaten by his father. That could very well be a lie, but if not it would explain many things about his personality.



He seems to begin scoping out the men for qualities of a good leader.


Martinez makes a few mistakes. He showed weakness as a leader by being too pompous and too…drunk. And Brian sure wasn’t a fan of handing someone else golf balls to hit instead of vice versa. Thus Martinez is walker bait.

He says “no dead weight,” to Brian. But Brian quickly makes it clear who the real dead weight is.


Pete, on the other hand. Pete simply does not have what it takes to be a good leader. He’s too upstanding. Too irrational.

I thought it was creepy the way The Governor threw Pete into the lake without putting him down. The fact that walkers can become “swimmers” is a terrifying notion to me. It reminds me of this movie when the war-torn zombie pirates come up from the water when they are awoken. (Scariest Saturday night Cartoon Network movie EVER.) Who’s seen it?





Meanwhile, this whole power play mentality going on inside Brian’s head is messing with his mind. I think deep down he wants to badly to believe he is a family man. I think he knows that his true nature is devilish. But he seems to be having this inner struggle within. When he takes the girls in attempt to flee, my reaction was that the walkers in the mud symbolize that he can’t escape his true self.


It’s as if he has multiple personalities. While writing I found myself calling him different names! The Governor when he is carrying out an evil act. And Brian when he is with Megan or Lilly.


His need to escape almost reminded me of the father In the movie “AmityVille Horror.” In his early stages of possession by the demons, he comes out of it to realize he is possessed and tries to get away. Eventually he succumbs to his new self because he tries and fails to escape.




I appreciate Scott Gimple and the writers for taking it slow here and diving into the some character development. If we jumped right into a war, it could have turned cheap. This has dramatic elements that give the show a richness. Who doesn’t love the character development of a sociopath?


His actions bring a depth to the storytelling  and bring to fruition all the events that will lead us up to a bigger conflict at the prison, or so the final scene inferred.


Seems One Eye Bri may stil have some beef with Michonne. I just hope her need for revenge is strong enough to fight back.


If only this were true in the prison…






This was a piece of the sneak peek of next episode I took. Who else does this infuriate? A Pack of lies! You lie like a Persian rug, Brian! I am ready to root for our people! Let’s do this.







A few other highlights to mention…


I love the little throwbacks that the writers throw in, even so subtle as putting a tank, which was featured in the pilot, and the RV which symbolizes Dale’s RV that carried us through the first two seasons.





It is good to finally see some soldiers who have survived this far in the apolcalypse. It was almost a loss of hope to see army helicopters tragically gone down last season, and earlier this season in the Big Spot.


Also, Martinez reveals that Shumpert has died! Aw man! Well I will say a goodbye to Shumpert. Sorry we didn’t get to say it officially! He was a great character last season, played by the awesome Travis Love.






I see many direct opposite similarities in The Governor as I do in Rick. It seems there are small hints of opposites happening again.

The gun he carries resembles Rick’s, and Megan reminds me of the first victim at the gas station. Little girls on the show tend to carry dolls, but this little girl seems to have her own symbolism…


It is assumed that Tara has a love interest in Alicia from camp. So here we have the first possible gay couple on The Walking Dead!


Lastly, I found this, and had to share it with you guys, somebody unlocks their tablet like this…







The show wrapped filming on the 22nd, you know what that means…this is when we have a painful waiting period ahead of us.


After this next episode, GirlStalk can be about anything you guys want-until the show comes back on in 2014! If you have ideas, tweet me @shannontoo or send an email [email protected]! I’ll do tricks to entertain us or even sing if the waiting is just too hard to bear! Don’t be afraid to reach outJ



Happy Thanksgiving everyone, be sure to hug your loved ones and enjoy the turkey and cranberry sauce! I’m thankful for you guys! The faithful readers of GirlStalk!




Until next week….













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