Episode 6, Live Bait – The Governor’s Return




Episode 6, Live Bait – The Governor’s Return


 By : Shannon Toohey





GirlStalk est ici.


Je m’appelle Brian.


   Excuse my French, did you say your name is Brian?



For episode 406, Live Bait, we have much to discuss!


As for the title, I think live bait can refer to either The Governor when he is helpless, or the family and little girl because they drew him in. So he could be the monster, or he could be the victim. What do you think?
It is apparent that the writers are now focusing on The Governor for the next few episodes. Now for those of you who read the books by Jay Bonansinga, there has been lots of buzz that these episodes are based on his “Rise of The Governor.”


If you’ve read GirlStalk in the past, you know that I have in the past been stubborn, and do not like calling The Governor by that title. You could say I’m a grudge holder.



But I am now very confused. Is anybody else confused?


If trying to redeem himself and making me feel emotions wasn’t enough, he goes and changes his darn name! Now that puts me in quite the predicament.



Well for one thing, I know that my Christmas break resolution is to read those books! If anybody else is in the same boat, they are written by Jay Bonansinga. He attended our Walker Stalker Con and was signing his books!



When I first laid eyes on what The Governor had become, I couldn’t stop giggling.


Compared to the clean shaven man we used to know, this was quite the change.




Let’s just take a moment to breathe this in.



Old Governor






 New Governor



The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC



Last week I gave you an extended preview of my note taking. Well here is a snippet of this weeks.






I’m not lying to you this was in my notes.




But with all honesty, I felt something for The Governor, did you guys?


I just felt sort of…bad for him. At least in the beginning of the episode I sensed somebody at real sense of loss. I got the feeling that by burning down Woodbury (his blue house is actually gone in real life) and burning the photo of his family, he was trying to make a change and start over.


He is no longer The Governor he once was. He no longer has the power over all those people.



That does not mean he doesn’t still crave it.


He isn’t because he can’t be. He lost everything. There was no way he could be powerful for those few months. As he says,


“The man in charge lost it, barely got out alive.”



But this group of people he met up with started to rely on him in order to live.  The little girl drew him in initially I think, and she may be the drive he needs to regain his power hungry ways.


Book readers, do you know anything about the writing on the building? It had Brian Harriett written all over it…. Hmm…


When he did come across the family, I felt like I was in the TellTale Walking Dead game. Just the way they were spaced within each other when they were introducing themselves and telling their stories. The phrases they used just reminded me of the game. Did anybody else feel this way?



All in all, this family doesn’t know the horrible things he has done. But how can they? In this world you just have to do what you think is best. If only they knew who they were leaving their child with. Even though when the girl who reminded me of Maggie was about to get all hot and heavy with “Brian”, I kept expecting him to do this…






And when he was talking to them silently I kept expecting him to do this…







But really,


Of course he gets a little girl. Of course he gets another chance. Does he deserve it?


Is this some sort of Wicked The Musical reference?! Some “I have been changed for good” business happening here?


Finally, for those of us who want to get back to the prison and hear Daryl’s reaction to Carol being gone, (me including):

Try to remember that the prison gang will be waiting. I think it is a good thing! We don’t want to rush their fate, you know? Change can be good! And character development is always good!


But after that walker in the tub, you won’t catch me singing “Rubber Ducky You’re the One” anytime soon.


Only 2 episodes left until the mid-season finale…eek!




Until next week, and thank you for reading!





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