Episode 509-We are back!





Hi all!

“What Happened and What’s Going On”

What’s going on is that I’m sorry this GirlStalk is a tad delayed, but this girl is recently employed and had been running around. But it’s okay! I still made time to stalk-maybe not full video GirlStalk, but stalk!


This episode was crazy, it was full of good and bad things!


I first want to point out how beautifully done I thought the episode was. I know I’m not alone in this-I didn’t expect to be immediately pulled in by artistically created graphics and transitions just as the show began.


I also quite enjoyed the bits with Bob, the girls, Beth and the Governor all haunting his mind and stuff. That was pretty cool you know? It makes you all thinkin-about-the-past and what not? All the deep gooey stuff. Love it!

Also the Governor was terrifying. Like, I was actually afraid and hid under a blanket at certain points there.



It often becomes very depressing walking through the forest, the browns and blacks of the wood chips on the ground and the dirt that covers our favorite characters. This episode had a nice energy, even though it contained quite a dreary situation-which is quite amazing.



That dreary situation mentioned above is in fact the death of our beloved Tyreese. I have mixed feelings about his death. Looking back on the mid season finale’s tragic end of Beth, this seemed like quite a lot of drama! It was one after the other, but what other show could pull that off than The Walking Dead? Perhaps that is the best way to look at it.

Both Beth and Tyreese had a place in the group, but I feel neither will be crippling to the group. I feel that in the past whenever people guessed “who was next to go?” The most popular answers included both of them.

Just wait until we lose someone such as, dare I say, Glenn. Don’t eat me! But then we will have some serious emotions on our hands.


I have no idea what is to come, but I am super excited for next week. I feel like the show finally has some new life, and I can’t wait to get into it.


We will miss you Tyreese, you big lug!


What did everyone think of the episode?


It’s so nice to be back!

Until next week,



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