Episode 5, Internment




Episode 5, Internment

By : Shannon Toohey




Hello there.

So if you are reading this, and happened to listen to James and Eric’s Instant Reaction podcast, and noticed that it went completely silent when I went to speak, you must know that technology failed me. SO! This is what I would have said…just an extended version.


What an episode! I am still recovering! Should we be relieved?


It is time to let you readers see something that I’ve never shown you. But I have to this time, because wow. This is just some quality material.

During each episode, I take notes so that I do not forget important things.

Here is a sample of these notes from last night. As written.



“First time Hershel killed a walker, HE CHANGED AND HE DIED SAVING PEOPLE.








BIBLE. He’s crying because that was just such of a sh** show, that maybe there isn’t a plan.. things got way too bad. Wayyy to bad to be planned.







And I apologize, but I omitted the curse words. One of them came before the word “Governor”.



But what even was that episode?! It must have been the best episode of the season.


To better explain what I had written down up there, immediately when they cut to that commercial break, (the one when Hershel bypassed the reanimating walker to help save Sasha), I with all my heart, thought they were going to kill Hershel.

Also I saw an arc being made. He killed his first walker it seemed. This would have made for the big change within him that would have set up for a death, or so I thought. It is also about when I started intermittently yelling “NO!” at my television screen. And began typing in all caps with the gusto of a wildebeest stampede. Look out Mufasa! My poor roommate.





But they did so much more with the episode than I saw coming. Hershel DID change. He breaks down, possibly realizing that the plan he believes God has for them may not be such a plan. He just came too close to losing everything, including his own life. It was a miracle that they all got out alive. The domino effect that we saw in “Killer Within” repeated itself. It may have prevented Rick from saving his wife the first time, but this time Rick told Maggie to go. And she got there just in time. For Rick, a few steps back and a few forward I suppose.



I assumed that with the past heroic deaths, that this would have been a “good” way to have Hershel die-saving everyone! But by-golly Scott Gimple and AMC you got me. You win!


The episode left me in fetal position if ever a Walking Dead episode could.



It was basically a feature thriller film balled up into one 40 minute long Walking Dead episode.




Guys, girls, take my word for it. We all need to listen to this Beyonce song right now.





First of all, it makes me feel like dancing and I am somewhat relieved by the outcome of the episode. After all Glenn is still kickin’, and so is Hershel.


Secondly, Hershel is all about that “Schoolin’ Life”. This is for you Hershel.




A few other tidbits:


Dogs! There were puppies in the episode. …Eating a walker…but still we saw doggies!


I just about melted when Hershel asked Maggie “How’s Bethy?”


Lizzie. You’re the coolest little girl ever, but maybe relax a little with the fascination with blood. Lil’ creepy.


Rick and Carl’s relationship keeps growing. Carl grows 10 years each day, but he can still share some peas with dad. Two peas in a pod. Perhaps some foreshadowing-They will grow a giant beanstalk and sail away in a giant pea pod.


Maggie takes Rick’s side on the Carol issue, and Hershel seems to struggle with it. We have yet to see Daryl’s reaction. Eek.


Michonne has never worn white before, but it was lovely. White can signify pure and clean. Perhaps of her grudges. It can mean rare, or noble. Both describe Michonne well. When she and Hershel go out of the prison together, she removes him from the hell that just occurred, as if she were an angel. Or a white knight.


Guess whose baaaaack…Philip. *growls under breath*



By Philip I mean The Governor. He’s just too evil for a title.

He must have heard about Spaghetti Tuesdays at the prison.



Scott Wilson, just wow.  I am so happy that this is not a goodbye post, we still need those soft wise words.

He’s a father.




He’s a believer.



He’s a fighter.



He’s a hero.








I leave you all with this, from season 2, looking over the hills at the rising sun of Georgia.



“I can’t profess to understand God’s plan, Christ promised the resurrection of the dead. I just thought he had something a little different in mind.” –Hershel Greene




Until next weekend,








Photo credits of Walking Dead Wiki, The Baltimore Sun, Ace Showbiz, ign.com, PastMyCurfew, Comicbook.com

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