Episode 4 “Indifference”- Carol! Party of One!




Walking Dead Episode 4 “Indifference”- Carol! Party of One!

By : Shannon Toohey



I hope everyone has come down from their post-con depression!

But rest easy because two more are in the works!

Here quick! Read this to sidetrack you from all the big announcements that James and Eric are making! It will hold you over!

I also started working on a little project of my own…it involves The Walking Dead…we will see how far I get! I’ll keep updates!


For this week’s episode, I just wanted to highlight some points that stood out to me from episode 4 “Indifference”.

Please note that a year ago, “Killer Within” Season 3 episode 4 aired, which caused us to lose Lori, as well as T-Dog. Sad faces.


Okay, First the title. Each title has been an “I” word I noticed. This weekend will be “Internment” which means to be imprisoned. It is something similar to the previous episode, “Isolation”, which could be referring to back at the prison where many people are still almost imprisoned from the rest of the group, which are imprisoned in a prison anyway!

The themes of making choices, change and letting go were very prominent.

Carol has evidently let go of her previous life. She has changed. She even tells Lizzie that change is inevitable.

She’s a warrior now. Many people are even comparing her to Shane. Not often do people stand against Rick or make rash decisions on their own. Rick seems to be threatened, it explains his letting Carol go.

At first I disagreed with Rick, I still do in a way. But Carol made a choice. It was to no longer be afraid.

In her words speaking to Lizzie “You can’t be afraid. Fight it. Don’t give up. One day you just change. We all change.”


Thus, she was banished from the Hyundai. No one has ever been banished from the Hyundai. You know its bad when you are  banished from the Hyundai.

Rick cannot kill her, because she never directly threatened his family as Shane did, but she is developing a loose canon trait so I understand his precautions after losing so much already.


This is not the first time people have been angry with Rick. He is our hero but he has gone through many phases.

i.e. Ricktatorship Rick

Rampage Rick,

Redneck Rick,

and now,

Really cautious Rick.


It will be interesting to see when she will return this season, if at all. And how the girls will feel and how Daryl will feel. It is so hard to know how to feel, because I love Carol!

I usually do goodbye editions-but Carol didn’t die…*knocks on wood* So for now, a brief semi-official goodbye to Carol seems to be in order, and the lovely Melissa McBride who may not grace our television screens for a little while.


Goodbye for now, Carol.



She’ll be fine! Yeah! Just fine….




Moving on, I’m loving the Michonne-Daryl banter. They are similar in many ways. It is also nice to see the fire in Michonne’s heart still burning for revenge on the Governor for killing innocent people and Andrea, but also sad but good to see her realizing that she must put it aside.


The fruit people may have represented health, but I guess there was no luck there…



To finish this edition of GirlStalk I will quote the good Bob Stookey.


“They wanted to go out together same as they lived.”

“Everybody makes it till they don’t. People nowadays are dominoes. What they did maybe its about not havin’ to watch ‘em fall.”


Bob Stookey though.

So much gumption.


Oh, and check out this teacup pig wearing a tutu.






Until Sunday,







Photo Courtesy of Walking Dead Wiki

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