Dale is in the last few episodes of season 5! (sort of)

I know what you are thinking…  “Hacksaw Jack has clearly lost his mind because we SAW Dale die in season 2 and Daryl gave the kill shot!”  Well, let me clarify…

Photo courtesy of AMC

Photo courtesy of AMC

Fisrt off, kudos to “jwcoombs” who started this discussion on the Walking Dead Forum.  Now, let’s revisit episode 104, “Vatos”, when the whole group were gathered around the fire at the Atlanta camp.  To break the silence, Dale decides to tell a story about a father who gives his son a watch that had been passed down for generations.  You can watch this scene at the beginning of this emotional Dale memorial on YouTube.  At the end of his story, Dale has this quote: “I give it to you not that you may REMEMBER time, but that you may FORGET it for a moment now and then and not SPEND all of your breath TRYing to CONQUER it.”

Now for the crazy part.  Check out the episode titles for the final 5 episodes of season 5:

Episode 512-“Remember
Episode 513-“Forget
Episode 514-“Spend
Episode 515-“Try
Episode 516-“Conquer

This is clearly an amazing call-back to Dales camp fire speech and ties in a little bit of the show’s attention to “time”, watches and clocks throughout the series.  Now I’m not going to go back through every mention or screen shot of a clock or watch with very little effort, one can recall some highlights.

First the clocks…  We saw clocks several times in Grady hospital.  There was a busted grandfather clock out side of Shirewilt Estates in 509.  A radio clock was shown a few times during Tyreese’s hallucination in 509.

How about watches? Hershel gives Glenn his watch.  Rick gives Sam his watch (which disappears).  Carol gives Rick her watch as a replacement.  Carol finds Rick’s watch in Terminus and returns it to him.  And just recently in the last episode, “Remember”,  Deanna tells Rick what time it is and he then adjusts his watch to match in a gesture that indicated he was willing to give Alexandria a chance.

Photo courtesy of AMC

Photo courtesy of AMC

But what does this all mean for the final 4 episodes?  Does this mean Glenn is in trouble?  He was pretty close to Dale and was recently part of a call back to Dale in episode 510 when he fixed the RV battery thanks to knowledge he learned from Dale.  Plus he’s currently carrying Hershel’s watch!  Is it a sign?

Do the Dale connections in Season 5 spell trouble for Glenn?
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