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075 – Instant Reaction to Still (S4:E12)

In this podcast episode, James, Eric and a bunch of other Walker Stalkers discuss this latest episode which featured Norman Reedus as “Daryl” and Emily Kinney as “Beth”. Connect with us on Facebook Like The Walker...


074 – Melissa McBride

In this podcast episode, we talk with Melissa McBride, who plays “Carol” on AMC’s The Walking Dead.  This isn’t your normal interview with an actor.  We actually have a relationship with Melissa that started...


073 – Claimed (S4:E11) Instant Reaction

In this podcast episode, we all discuss “Claimed” – The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 11.  And, we look ahead to episode 12.  Plus, James and Eric announce a new pilot they’ve just created...


072 – Inmates (S4:E10) Instant Reaction

In this podcast episode, we talk with our fellow Walker Stalkers about tonight’s episode: “Inmates” featuring the storylines of Daryl & Beth, Tyreece and the girls, Maggie-Sasha-Bob and Glenn & Sasha.  Plus, we meet...


070 – After (S4:E9) Instant Reaction

It’s baaaaaaaack!!   Get excited!  In this podcast episode, find out why we were a little short “handed” for this episode. Eric goes it alone with 30 of his closest Walker Stalker friends as...

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