“Alone” and preparing for a CON!

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“Alone” and preparing for a CON

By: Shannon Toohey





I will be leaving on Friday, Chicago bound! I know many of you are already in transit, especially if you are volunteering this weekend like me! It will be a whole new crew this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited to see old friends and new! It’s going to be a blast.
Not to mention we have some new celebrity faces, Lauren Cohan will be joining us, as well as Stephen Amell, who is dreamy-rethinking not buying a photo op on that one…and so many more!


There will be friends and parties and fun and food and shopping and zombies. Literally the perfect weekend. It’s like a dream. It took about a month to come down from the first high from Atlanta, I’m sure Chicago will be just the same.


I know this is dramatic, but in a way we are all “alone” before a convention. It’s preparations and planning done in the comfort of your own home. But when you get there, evrything comes alive. It’s like a mini city. Fans come who love these fandoms and shows just as much as you do and it is magical.

This weekend’s episode was pretty stocked full! Lot’s to discuss on this WALKER STALKER CON EVE EVE.



Now I’ve discussed my love for Bob Stookey here in the past, I’d eventually like to get the Twitter hashtag #BobStookeysgotgumption trending. It’ll happen.

When I ever saw the opening sequence of Bob’s introduction to Norman and Glenn “I’m Bob. Stookey.”

I don’t know guys, I love it.

From what they showed us, Bob was a lone wolf for a while. He may have just as much skill to survive as Daryl! Daryl has recently been delthing into…other things…. ladies? How are we feeling?



It seems as we go deeper into the story, Daryl seems to be looking for something more out of life besides the rough and tumble. It seems he is warming up.

It seems he is warming up, to Beth.

I don’t know know how to feel. When he was in the casket and she was playing and singing, and he asked her to sing, part of me was skeeved out by it, but I don’t know that was probably a personal problem.

Is it not slightly strange, though? I mean you know how sometimes just, you feel the love and you’re like, no not the love! And you start eating faster?
I dunno.
That’s kind of what I did with my salt and vinegar chips during this.

Anywho, they then took Beth so that’s kind of not cool. At all.



Bob kissed Sasha! Just a big old smooch! And then he walked off! That is a smart man.

And he proved my point even further! Bob Stookey’s got gumption. ALL OF IT.



The title of the episode was “Alone” and the theme tied together at the end. I liked that it had that kind of feel. In the beginning it showed what alone really was in Bob, and throughought the episode each character sort of went off on their own.

But at the end, they found some sort of company to go with.



Quote of the night Maggie Greene: “He would go looking for me looking for him.”……


For the show, the big question is who took Beth?

And will the dog come back?! I want a Walking Dead dog regular! Don’t you guys?!


I will see everybody who is coming to Chicago this weekend! I can hardly even wait! I’ll be flying out Friday, unfortunately due to a car accident in the beginning of the year, I already missed too much class. But alas! I will be there on Friday!

Until then,




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