About the Walker Stalkers

Podcast  Walker Stalkers Podcast Update

James, Daniel Thomas May, Dave Solo and Nick Floyd

(Episodes 136-200)

When Eric Nordhoff departed, the podcast went through several hosts, including Daniel Thomas May (who played Allen on The Walking Dead) when the podcast covered episodes of Fear The Walking Dead.  Then, Dave Solo joined the podcast to instant react to the episodes, lending his silky-deep-soft voice!  Nick Floyd joined the last few seasons with James and Dave Solo until the podcast, in it’s original format ended at Episode 200, just one episode after Andrew Lincoln departed the show. James is on Twitter @jamesafrazierjr


James & Eric

(The Original Walker Stalkers Podcast – Episodes 1 through 135)

They are huge fans of the popular AMC TV show The Walking Dead. After a once-in-a-lifetime behind-the-scenes trip to the set of The Walking Dead in Senoia, GA (Woodbury), they decided to start this website and a podcast. James and Eric did a twice-weekly podcast during the season of the show. The Walker Stalkers is meant to be fun and interactive. Eric departed the show in 2015 to pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors and remains close friends with James and a supporter of the Walker Stalker Con Family! Keep tabs on Eric on Twitter @ericnordhoff

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