Before I get on with my review, I should point out that my wife and I had a baby since last week!  Jude Robert was born on Thursday and we made it home on Sunday around 3 pm, just in time to put on his “Lil Ass Kicker” onsie (thanks to my sis-in-law, Donna, who sent it to us) and watch the new episode.  Good times!

So this episode had its high points and low points.  The purpose of this episode was clearly to be a filler but also to share a little bit of Abraham backstory.  They gave us the bombshell at the end as a way to give us “something” for the hour we invested.   In the end though, this episode was kind of boring.  At least my 3 day old son thought so since he slept through all of it. 😉

As rushed as it was, we got to see a little backstory on Abraham.  They showed us the bare minimum to get their point across.  Honestly, I would have liked to have seen more about why Abraham beat those four guys to death in the flashback and less of that boring book store filler in the middle.  Regardless, we learned a little about why Abraham is wired the way he is.  And I’ll be honest, I didn’t know about that trick where you hold a can of soup while punching someone.  Let’s keep that one in mind if a real apocalypse ever occurs. (Apocalypse dilemma… eat the can of soup or use it as a weapon?)

It’s important to point a small sentence Tara gave early in the episode.  After flipping their short bus,  Tara makes a point that they should find some bicycles and pointed out that “bikes don’t burn”.  This suggestion was completely ignored.  Granted, bikes wouldn’t be the best way to get from Georgia to Washington DC but thanks to Tara for actually mentioning bikes!  I’ve been wondering for years why they never have bikes around.  I mean they’ve spent a lot of the 5 seasons walking around Georgia and not once has anyone thought to grab a Huffy!  With exception of course to the newly awakened Rick Grimes in the pilot who rode a bike to his house after encountering his first walker, Bicycle Girl (shout out to Melissa Cowan).  For whatever reason, bikes are basically useless in the Walking Dead.  But kudos to Tara for at least making a joke about it.

So Eugene finally cracks and gives up his secret.  As a comic reader, I was definitely surprised that the secret was given up in this episode although comic readers knew it was coming at some point.  However, I’m a little disappointed in the way it went down on the show in comparison to the event in the comics.  Granted they had built up this episode to feature Abraham and they wanted Eugene’s secret to impact Abraham the most, but I still wish Rick could have been around for the reveal.  If you haven’t read how Eugene’s secret was discovered in the comics, then you should really check it out.  It’s a lot more dynamic and a lot more devastating when you have the entire group invested in this wasted mission rather than the handful in last night’s episode.   However, as I said earlier, they needed a bombshell to make this episode mean something so that’s what they did.  I just can’t help but feel like the secret was wasted a little and wasn’t quite as dramatic as I would’ve liked to have seen.   With all that being said, I’d be curious to hear from non-comic readers what your reaction was to Eugene’s reveal.  Were you shocked or did you think Eugene seemed a bit fishy this entire time?

In closing, I’d like to thank everyone who sent kind words on Facebook regarding the birth of my son.  You guys are all awesome and I’m lucky to have e-friends like all of you who like to read my reviews and follow me on Facebook!  Thanks again!

Hacksaw Jack (and Hacksaw Jude)


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