A Look Back With Hacksaw Jack – Episode 503 (potential spoilers)


I’m excited to bring my first Walking Dead episode review to the Walker Stalker readers!  I’ve been connected to the Walker Stalker Con for over a year and now I get to be involved in a new aspect.   If you follow me on Facebook, then you’ve seen my reviews before.   This is still my weekly take on the newest episode, just in a different location and hopefully reaching more people!

So enough with the pleasantries… let’s get down to business.  So we all know that Scott Gimple (TWD showrunner) loves to stick closely to comic storylines at times.    Well, he’s definitely stayed true to that these past two episodes.  He’s appeased us comic readers with “his version” of the comic storylines and I think now we’re likely to go off on a tangent for a little while.  With Beth and Daryl being non-comic characters, there is really a lot of space there for an original twist and I’m thinking that’s what happening next.

But before we move forward, let’s take a look back (with Hacksaw Jack… Yah, I just wanted to rhyme).   So Bob made his exit exactly the way us comic readers predicted.  However, even for non-comic readers, I think most of you guessed that Bob was already bit.  So it became evident (thanks to Bob’s maniacal outburst) that the Hunters were eating “tainted meat”.  Apparently this was “icky” to the “Hungry, Hungry Hipsters” so they decided not to eat the rest of Bob.  Who knew cannibals could be so picky?  Long story short, the unwanted Bob leftovers get discarded back at the church and Bob is given a chance to say his goodbyes to all of his friends.  And with that, the last bit of optimism dies with him.  But of course, Bob can always live on thanks to this cleverly designed t-shirt by yours truly (Yep, that was a shameless plug).

I think a little bit of Walking Dead science is needed at this point.  We don’t really know what the effect of eating “tainted meat” is because the Hunters were handled pretty quickly.  But here are some of my thoughts.  First off, the zombie “bite” is not what infects you.  Everyone is infected already as we learned in Season 2.  So eating a live human that was bit doesn’t make you more infected.  It doesn’t work like that.  The zombie virus is a dormant virus.  The zombie virus does not affect you in any way until you die. Upon death the virus brings you “back” (sort of).   So with this in mind, the zombie bite doesn’t turn someone into a zombie.  A zombie bite kills you through the infectious, bacteria that is transferred to your blood stream through the bite.  So you die from infection and a fever NOT because of a zombie virus.  All of that said, Bob was bit on the shoulder which eliminates the possibility of amputation.  So the infection is spreading and slowly killing him.   So eating Bob was the equivalent of eating a burger from a cow with mad cow disease.  Perhaps the bacterium was cooked out of it (like Gareth indicated) or maybe they contracted some sort of infection from eating it.  I guess we’ll never know for sure.  But, the rest of Gareth’s group was clearly ok with eating a human, just not one that has a bite taken out of it.  I could be judgy here but if you brought me a hamburger with a bite taken out of it, I probably wouldn’t eat it either…

Now to talk about the showdown in the church.   Clearly Martin was to go down in a blaze of glory but reluctantly listens to Gareth and stands down.   So how was Martin not the leader of this merry band of cannibals?   Gareth sounded skittish and nervous the entire time he was in the church.  Ultimately, they walked right into a trap which was such a fitting end for this group who trapped and killed numerous travelers looking for sanctuary.   We got to see Rick come through on his promise to kill Gareth with red handled machete (I think we all saw that one coming) and got to see Sasha end Tyreese’s  unfinished business with Martin.  I really wish Tyreese could have been the one to kill Martin but it seems that AMC is stuck on this idea that Tyreese has to be a big teddy bear made of sugar, spice and everything nice.   And don’t even argue that he’s turned the corner now that he knifed Bob because Bob was already dead.  Ug… I better stop now before I continue on this rant about Tyreese.

This episode ends with another cliff hanger making it hard for us to wait for next week.   If you heard my comments on the Walker Stalkers podcast last night, you know that I was convinced that Morgan was in the woods when Michonne was alerted to the sounds of someone rustling up.  However, we quickly learned that it was Daryl and….. someone.  Michonne asks where Carol is and then Daryl tells his mystery companion to “come on out”.   Before we talk about who that could be, it’s important to note a couple of things.  When approaching from the woods, it was apparently decided that Daryl was going to walk out first and meet whoever was on watch because let’s face it… everyone loves Daryl and no one would shoot him or cut his head off with a sword.  Why didn’t the other person walk out before Daryl?  Because it’s very possible that the person is someone that the group doesn’t recognize and the watchman would be immediately alarmed if they saw this mysterious person immerge from the woods!  So with that observation in mind, I’d say it’s probably not Carol or Beth because that would just be too easy.  It’s likely not Morgan since he is probably a couple of weeks behind out group.  It’s not the Termites because they’re all dead now.  So who could it be?  We probably can’t know because it’s likely a brand new character never before seen on the show.  That’s the best theory I’ve got (besides the possibility that Daryl’s companion is Jedi Ghost Merle which doesn’t seem to be a very popular theory).

Last point, the group splits up even more.   We’ve got a lot of episodes to watch and it would go to quick if everyone stayed together.  So be prepared to see entire episodes dedicated to the different pockets of survivors.   It’s entirely possible that we won’t know who was with Daryl until 2 weeks from now (or longer).   So just settle in, keep those theories and discussions active and wait to see what happens!  And stay away from real spoilers because that just takes the fun out of it.  But regardless of what happens next, our heroes will reunite at some point because the new world NEEDS RICK GRIMES.

Hacksaw Jack




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