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Can I just say, I’m glad Rick is BACK!  Unfortunately, he’s still kind of leashed by his counterparts who still think that you can be a pansy and survive in this world.  But he’s back nevertheless!

This episode brings us back to the four major story lines.  It bounced around quite a bit and a LOT was happening without much really happening.  I’ll just give some brief thoughts that I had on all of them.

Abraham’s Group: (G.R.E.A.T.M.)

Not much happened over here.  The biggest progress they made was some fishing and procurement of the much needed yo-yo.  We also had some efforts by Tara to diffuse the sadness of their situation with some humor (that no one else in the group seems to enjoy).  But she did come up with G.R.E.A.T.M. as the team acronym. This, of course, references the first initial of their group in case you didn’t catch that (I’m talking to you, Eric Nordoff).  However, Derek Bartlett, made a great observation on Facebook that the acronym could have been T.E.A.M.R.G. for “Team Rick Grimes”.  I’m down with that but apparently Tara isn’t a Team Rick advocate.  One other note from this storyline, I am kind of happy to see Rosita gaining some independence and making some moves on her own instead of blindly following Abraham’s every call.

Church Group: (J.M.C.G) ?

The biggest mystery of the show at this time is trying to figure out what the heck Father Gabriel is up to.  We see him distraught about the transformation of his church into a fortress.  He makes his escape through the floor only to be thwarted by a nail in the road.  What a bummer it would be to survive nearly 2 years in the ZA by hiding in a church and then dying by Tetanus from a nail when you finally decide to leave.  From AMC’s sneak peak, it looks like Gabriel is leaving to investigate the school where Bob’s leg was eaten.  The only thing I can assume is that Father Gabriel cannot fathom the stories he is hearing from the outside and chooses to go see for himself.  It appears that he finds Gareth’s Bible which belonged to Terminus Mary.  Perhaps Mary and Gareth were parishioners of his before day zero.  Maybe that’s why he was so distraught by the massacre in his church.  I guess we will learn more next week so stay tuned!

Team Rick: (S.T.R.D.N.) ?

So they are making their way to Grady to rescue Carol and Beth.  Rick outlines, in my opinion, a smart tactical assault on the hospital to free their people.  Then Huggy Bear Tyreese brings up the trade option which gets the support of Daryl.  At this point, it seems apparent that Daryl has lost his W.W.S.D. bracelet (What would Shane do?).  I mean let’s take a trip down memory lane to the last time both of these plans were attempted.  Tyreese’s plan was used in Season 1 when Glenn was captures by the Vatos gang.  Rick, Daryl and T-Dog captured one of their members and tried to make a trade for Glen.  If not for Vatos’ grandma intervening, Rick and Daryl would be dead right now and there would be no show.  So, that didn’t go to well.   Rick’s plan was used back in Season 3 when Glenn and Maggie were prisoners in Woodbury (not sure why Glenn gets captured so much).  The infiltrated Woodbury, freed their prisoners and escaped only loosing Oscar who was killed during the mission.  So based on past experiences, I still feel that Ricks plan was the best.  Granted the lost a teammate in Oscar last time they tried this but I would say that the team members they have right now are more skilled than Oscar was (with exception of Noah who is expendable to me at this point) so the risk of losing someone in this operation is much smaller.  Regardless, Tyreese and Daryl get their way so we’ll see how this works.

One other point, Lamson over taking Sasha was soooooo predictable.  I think the only person in the world that didn’t see that coming was Sasha.  Oh well, maybe she’ll get her revenge next week.

Team Hospital: (B.C.)

Beth is trying to save Carol and likely falling into some twisted trap that Dawn is setting for her.  Honestly, I have no idea what Dawn is trying to do at this hospital but it’s obvious that her strategy is EXTREMELY complicated.  It’ll be interesting to see this play out next week when Rick gets involved.

Closing thoughts:

Apparently all of the “vowel” members of the show when with Abraham which my acronym efforts for the other teams kind of difficult.  In regards to the mid-season finale, everyone is assuming that either Carol or Beth will die in the mid-season finale.  But don’t rule out the possibility that they both survive and someone else dies.  Glenn’s group is not safe by any means.  A change of the wind could bring thousands of walkers down on them very quickly.  I’m excited to see what happens next week and all I can say is hold on your yo-yos because it’s gonna be a wild and emotional ride!

Hacksaw Jack

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