099 – San Diego Comic-Con

The Walker Stalkers Robert KirkmanIn this episode of The Walker Stalkers with James & Eric, we discuss our trip to San Diego Comic-Con 2014. We saw the cast and crew of The Walking Dead. We met Robert Kirkman.  We participated in The Walking Dead Escape.  And, Andrew Lincoln makes something “official” while we’re there.

Watch the San Diego Comic-Con Video we discuss in this episode.

If you were wondering what we were hinting about in our podcast, look what Andrew Lincoln said around 9:10 into this video:

In this episode we also dissect the Season 5 Trailer everyone’s been talking about.  And, we talk about our latest purchase – a replica of Dale’s Winnebago!  Plus, more Walker Stalker Con Atlanta news.

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TRANSCRIPT of Episode #99

INTRO: [voice of Emily Kinney] Hi I’m Emily Kinney, I play Beth Greene on The Walking Dead and you’re listening to The Walker Stalker Podcast.


[Music plays]


ERIC: Hey hey! We are back, big episide 99.


JAMES: 99!


Eric: There’s so many cool 99 references in life.


James: Yeah


Eric: Really.


James: uhuh, like 9.99 are you out of your mind?


Eric: Exactly.


James: I’m trying to think of the first one of em.


Eric: Prince, party like it’s 1999.


James: Sure but this is just 99.


Eric: Just 99, Toto had a song called 99.


James: Did they?




James: Remind me because I wasn’t born yet.


Eric: [sings 99] yeah jerk.


James: [laughs]


Eric: making me feel bad. You were I think three when the song came out.


James: Can you believe it though, 99


Eric: Where have we come?


James: I don’t know but all I know…


Eric: Not very far.


James: Right, but all I know is we’re gonna sit on number, episode 100 until we can do something big with it.


Eric: [Laughs] exactly, so you guys better hope and pray we find a really big guest to come on the show for episode 100.


James: No kidding.


Eric: Yeah and we gotta have people come on for Lost episode 108, gotta do that.


James: mmhmmm. I’ll work on that.


Eric: Ok. Just have a panel of Lost actors and Jay, our buddy Jay


James: That would be great.


Eric: So 99 we had a pretty amazing last two weeks. We’ve done a bunch of stuff and I though let’s start with the biggest thing, which was San Diego Comic Con.


James: Yes.


Eric: Uh let’s tell the good folks about our experience with San Diego Comic Con. We have a video.


James: Right.


Eric: That I made. That we could watch and kind of talk about while we watch it. If you want to.


James: Yeah, let’s do that.


Eric: Let’s do that.


James: It’s like a memories thing


Eric: Kinda of.


James: You know like you’re sitting with your friends in high school.


Eric: I know.


James: “This is it” “this is what we did”.


Eric: So here we go, I’m pulling it up here on iMovie. We’re just gonna go aheand and just let it run. Now, the reason we’re doing this this way we actually had no audio for our recording.


James: Yeah buy the way, so I went back and looked at the microphone we plugged into the camera, we didn’t put it from off to on.


Eric: yeah. [Laughs] It’s always something as easy as that.


James: [Laughing] It really is.


Eric: So dumb, so dumb. All right, well, Walker Stalkers, we need a production person like a producer who actually knows what they’re doing that can actually understand how to do these kinds of things because obviously, I don’t. All right here we go.


James: Obviously, I don’t know how to use a standard hand held camera.


Eric: [Laughing] Al right so here it is. SDCC so first of all we were there only for two days.


James: Right. In on Friday morning out on Saturday afternoon.


Eric: It was just like really really fast and it was short notice. We hadn’t planned on going to San Deigo Comic Con.


James: No but it was it was awesome. Um, we had the opportunity to go out and meet with different vendors and different companies to discuss Walker Stalker Con with them. And also our podcast. So it was a great opportunity for us to kinda introduce ourselves face to face to a lot of people.


But for Eric it was his first time going out to San Diego, for me, I think it was my third or fourth. It’s just such a different convention than everything else out there. For what it offers and the connection that you can get to with some of the huge mega stars that you really wouldn’t get anywhere else.


Eric: What I think is amazing about this whole thing, for me, going, honestly just seeing it, really helps me understand your vision for the convention when you first had it. Because it is really really awesome. It’s better than any other convention I’ve been to. And just because of all the access that you have. I don’t know I just got a better sense of your vision. I got to see some of the vendors that we originally partnered with. You know when we first started the podcast and just to understand the whole pop culture industry. Because to be honest for me, I’m not a huge pop culture guy, I’m a big Walking Dead fan so for me just to see it and experience it. I can see why people love San Diego Comic Con in particular.


James: Yeah, totally.


Eric: It’s just special. And all the production houses get behind it, all the movie companies get behind it. And that’s why it’s awesome. We also you know first impressions of the place, we got in in 15 minutes.


James: Yeah from airport to getting into the convention center.


Eric: Literally. We got our tickets real fast. Got in. Saw about 15 people in Star Wars outfits. And various different pieces of clothing. And tons of cos players.


This was the day that The Walking Dead was to premiere.


James: Right and lets just be clear I mean we went there for all things Walking Dead and then also to try and create more connections for our own event.


Eric: Exactly, yeah. It was a business trip. Business right off.


James: [Laughs]


Eric: Anyway, so yeah we went there we knew that Friday was the big Walking Dead day and …


James: And we also knew we had very slim chance of getting into the panel at 12:30 cuz we landed at 10:00 and usually if you are getting into Hall H, you probably spent the night, the night before.


Eric: Exactly.


James: Which we weren’t able to do.


Eric: Yeah we weren’t able to do. We had some friends that maybe were gonna camp out.


James: Didn’t work out.


Eric: Didn’t work out either. So.. and that’s fine, we didn’t get into Hall H. We didn’t get into The Walking Dead event but we did just do some amazing stuff. We went straight over to The Walking Dead booth for AMC. Let’s run this and kind of talk about it as we’re running through it.


James: This year’s theme was terminus, last year they built a prison set but this year they built the tunnel to terminus where Glenn and Maggie reconnect and they built kind of the terminus wall with the sign saying terminus. They had a map, they had Glenn, you know, sign from Maggie to Glenn written in blood. They had “those who arrive survive” “community for all” …


Eric: They had tons of screens all over the place you could basically watch footage of highlights from season 4.


James: Which in the morning when we were there it was highlights from season 4, by the afternoon after the panel it turned into playing the season 5 trailer over and over.


Eric: Right. And we’re going to review that after this. We’ll talk about the season 5 trailer. But really well done, I don’t know how this compared to last years? Because I know last years was the 10 year anniversary.


James: Yeah well we didn’t go inside but last year inside they had the Governor’s mancave which was really cool but we didn’t get to go inside you and I this year because the lines were so long. So really just stayed outside but they had the fence with the zombies, the terminus sign, I mean it really was really neat with the map. It was a great re-creations given the amount of space that they had to do this.


Eric: Yeah.


James: Fans seemed to be loving it. The zombies were great as well.


Eric: Yeah they were. There were just some good… everybody did a fantastic job of and there were some zombie puppets and some living zombies and they were kind of all strolling around …

James: Inside the fences


Eric: Inside the fences


James: well actually no, a couple came out


Eric: A couple came out. So yeah I mean it was good, I wanted to get down in there, I tried my best to try to finagle my way past the line to kind of lay down next to that zombie that was laying down. But um…


James: You got to tease them with a mouse too.


Eric: Yeah [laughs]

James: [Laughs]


Eric: I do end up talking later on to a zombie which was kind of fun. Which again we couldn’t hear but I don’t know what these two guys were doing playing hopscotch.


James: I think the floor was disconnecting kinda like a hardwood …


Eric: Oh they were….


James: Floor was disconnecting.


Eric: Right the train tracks were coming apart.


James: But it was really cool. I mean all the stuff looked as good as it does on camera. They did a great job.


Eric: Yeah, here’s me talking to him. Now I think I made this guy laugh. I think I made the zombie laugh.


James: I think you did too.


Eric: Yeah he wasn’t looking, he was looking down.


James: I’m thinking this is more of his sexy face.


Eric: It was, he was turned on by me.


James: You know, make a sexy face.


Eric: Yeah.


James: But Eric here is just kind of messing with the guy… right maybe there I think he kind of ….


Eric: He kind of laughed, yeah he smiled, he smiled. He’s kind of shaking back and forth. He’s got braces too. Anyway, took a selfie with one of the zombies. There were two female zombies in there. So, anyway, it was a great booth.


James: It was, if you got into the booth early on Thursday and Friday you got an opportunity to — you know out of our bag– win the opportunity to get one of the 50 places to get autographs from the cast.


ERIC: How cool that would have been.


JAMES: Which I think we’ll see in a little bit some of the mayhem involving their arrival. Here’s one of the guys


ERIC: Yeah, this guy and look there’s another guy taking a selfie.


JAMES: Yeah.


ERIC: [Laughs] He’s great, those guys were good. That guy was really really good.


JAMES: Yeah, they were great because, think how long they were standing out there and to maintain that character and stuff.


ERIC: How much do they pay those guys. Great teeth.


JAMES: I don’t know. Either that or they pay them in pot and their just really stoned.


ERIC: [Laughs] I think they are.


James: For extended amounts of time um and then when they come out of it they have them smoke it again. [Laughing]. That way they’re right back into character.


ERIC: Stay in character. We met …


JAMES: We met Negan.


ERIC: We met Negan on the floor. Pretty realistic version.


JAMES: You know what and it’s a good thing this audio is gone because you’ll just see him go effity eff eff eff, right there, there you go.


ERIC: There it is.


JAMES: Yep. Yep.


ERIC: I think you even said one or two. You dropped a few F-Bombs. Just for effect.


JAMES: I dropped one just for effect and to be like, look, Negan, you’ve got to cuss one time. Right?


ERIC: Right. Or else we’ll hit you with Lucille.


JAMES: Yeah. But, it was cool, the guy was having a great time. He, being Negan, was enjoying all the cosplay. He said it was similar to the women that are in his brothel. So he’s all for this, uh, for the environment.


ERIC: This guy doesn’t scare me as much as the real Negan.


JAMES: No no, umm, you know, he looks like he’s made more laps at McDonalds than around the racetrack.


ERIC: Been around the racetrack a few more times.


JAMES: Yeah.


ERIC: Then we, uh, we happened to catch another cosplayer. Uh, Daryl.


JAMES: Daryl yeah!


ERIC: Did you ever, how was this interview?


JAMES: This guy was, you know what? Cool. Cuz he was, of course, a die hard Norman Reedus fan. And he made a point to get there early in the day to win the autograph at Skybound to get the chance to meet Norman. Uh, but he really is just impressed with, umm, just, you know, Daryl as a character. Likes how much of a badass he is. Which is, really, you know, I think everybody can agree on that.


ERIC: Yeah.


JAMES: Here you are with Glenn!


ERIC: Here I am again!


JAMES: What, uh, you know, Norman and Glenn? Or, you know, Daryl to Glenn?


ERIC: Yeah, yep, Daryl to Glenn. I mean, this is season 1 Glenn we talked to. He was a little more innocent. A little more, a little more young in spirit. And didn’t quite have his first sexual experience yet, umm, with anybody at all. I think he was pretty much a virgin. But he was, he was really nice, so we got to talk to him. And then, umm, then we moved over to the McFarlane building sets booth, and we saw Todd McFarlane there. We took a look at these beautiful looking pieces, didn’t we?


JAMES: Yeah. These things were so cool, and then to have Todd standing right there. On, you know, you can see him standing behind the tower there, ummm, you know, talking to people about it, really, you know, telling them why he loves this idea and concept, which is different from what he’s done with other stuff.


ERIC: Mhmm.


JAMES: But the pieces are so detailed!


ERIC: My favorite is The Governor’s room because of the, uh, the heads, the kinda like Lego head pieces.


JAMES: Right. I loved the prison set, I think it’s just awesome because of just the scale of it. And it looks like there’s actually 2 combinations of the prison set that you can put together to make an even bigger prison?


ERIC: Yeah, it’s pretty cool.


JAMES: And, of course, you can keep buying more prisons, and more zombies and towers, and hopefully they’ll have an interior building, or an exterior building, but inside the interior inside the prison.


ERIC: Yeah. That’d be pretty cool. Alright, then we moved into 3D me, or Cubify. Umm, and what I loved about the, we gotta get these guys to come to Walker Stalker Con because it was really fun to sit there. You could be Rick, you could be Daryl, or you could be, as guys, you could be Rick, Daryl, or zombies. And a pretty, [laughs] I just couldn’t take myself seriously!! My big face, big head on little Rick’s body.


JAMES: But, why was your head so much bigger than mine was on his body?


ERIC: I don’t know. Your head is smaller than mine.


JAMES: Because all they do is really take the front of your face…


ERIC: Yeah. I have a rounder face, and I think it just captured more of it?


JAMES: Uh huh.


ERIC: But, the more I think about it…


JAMES: That’s totally your hairline right there.


ERIC: I know it is, with Daryl? I totally wish I’d picked Rick.


JAMES: Do you?


ERIC: I’m regretting, I’m regretting being a zombie. Because I already have a Tony Moore zombie impression of me. I wanted, I should’ve done Rick. Even though his head was twice as big as what it should’ve been, it would’ve been perfect. And it would’ve been a good, we would’ve had a good laugh.


JAMES: This is really cool to go see all the options that are available to you, umm, when, uh, when doing this. I mean, you could’ve even gone Michonne if you wanted to.


ERIC: Yeah, girls…


JAMES: or girl zombie. Umm, so there’s a ton of options. I’m just trying to decide here what face I make.


ERIC: [Laughs]


JAMES: But, you can make just about…You can make any face. Uh, but for me, you know, my, my, beard turned into this funky, like, I don’t know, goatee.


ERIC: You look Hispanic.


JAMES: I, I do. Like, a little Latin.


ERIC: Yeah.


JAMES: And, and, the thing is, I think everybody automatically gets Andy’s nose.


ERIC: You think so?




ERIC: I think that’s really your nose, man.


JAMES: No, I don’t have…I’m more, you know, got this sort of a beak. That’s more pronounced.


ERIC: I thought you looked pretty good Daryl too. A little more feminine looking Daryl than I would’ve liked.


JAMES: Yeah…Oh thanks. Yeah, well, that’s, you know, that’s Daryl. So that’s why I didn’t go with that. But it totally, you know, at least the goatee matches more of a Daryl character.


ERIC: Yeah man. And that’s the one you picked, right?


JAMES: I did pick this one.


ERIC: I think it’s…Yeah, you’re right about the nose now that I look at it from that angle.


JAMES: They totally, but the front of it, is definitely you.


ERIC: But your head’s perfect on that one, so I’m very impressed.


JAMES: Yeah, I was real…


ERIC: So you could’ve gotten an actually live figurine. We ordered, ourselves…


JAMES: We did.


ERIC: We ordered a live figure.


JAMES: They were what, $75 apiece.


ERIC: $79?


JAMES: It takes about 2 weeks to get here.


ERIC: Mhmm. Yep.


JAMES: Um, I’m really looking forward to it.


ERIC: Can’t wait. I picked a zombie, James picked Rick.




ERIC: So, They’re pretty cool, man.


JAMES: A classic pose.


ERIC: Loved Cubify.


JAMES: But we are, we’ve reached out to them to see if they’ll, you know, come to any of our events.


ERIC: Mhmm.


JAMES: I think, there’s one of the pieces completely done.


ERIC: Yeah, that’s what it’s gonna look like.




ERIC: Pretty badass, actually.


JAMES: It really is cool! There about, what, 6” tall? 7” tall?


ERIC: Yeah, yeah, probably. Something like that.


JAMES: And the detail is terrific.


ERIC: Yeah. So they make them all, you know, it’s all 3D imagery, and they put your face right on there.




ERIC: It looks really real.


JAMES: It does.


ERIC: So I learned a lot. Anyway, um, the rest of that area there was, um, Gentle Giant was displaying right next to them.


JAMES: Yeah, they had some amazing pieces as well, uh, some that I haven’t even seen. Here we go right here.


ERIC: Yeah.


JAMES: Um, you know, several of those are already out on the market, but the Steven Yeun right there. Um, that Maggie tall one is phenomenal and I haven’t seen that one. And there’s a riot gear Glenn. Um, those are all going to be available next year, and I wanna say they’re like 4, 5, $600 apiece. It’s amazing.


ERIC: Yeah, they’re pretty massive pieces.


JAMES: Um, yeah, and then here’s the, the Norman, they call it the lone wolf.


ERIC: Yeah. I like it. And then Merle. Merle zombie was awesome. So, we went back, because we knew, after the panel, that um, they would be coming out to the booth.


JAMES: Yeah.


ERIC: And so, here’s us, and about 500 other people, waiting for the cast of The Walking Dead.


JAMES: I mean, the number of camera phones out is just insane.


ERIC: It was crazy. Yeah. So, everybody was there, just about, in main cast. Um, and so they all walk out and you’re standing to the left of me. I’m on the right side.


JAMES: Right.


ERIC: Um, on the opposite side.


JAMES: You’ll see here in a second, I just take out a kid.


ERIC: You do! Right there! Ouch! But you do give a high five, look at that, everybody recognizes you! They’re all like, “Hey man! It’s Walker Stalker James!” Melissa, what does she do?


JAMES: She, like, turns back and waves.


ERIC: Yeah. Ok.


JAMES: Yeah.


ERIC: That’s really cool! You were fanboying right there a little bit, maybe.


JAMES: Yeah, you know, a couple of them I didn’t even notice, I didn’t even notice Norman pass by.


ERIC: I didn’t, I didn’t notice


JAMES: There’s Andy and I right there, pointing at each other.


ERIC: Yea [laughs]. Uh yeah, so that’s pretty cool!


JAMES: It was awesome!


ERIC: Yeah, it was like a triumphal procession.


JAMES: I yelled “Blu-ray!” at Chad!


ERIC: [laughs] I did too! He didn’t look at me! Nobody looked at me, everybody looked at you.


JAMES: Yeah they did.


ERIC: Uh, Robert Kirkman was there.


JAMES: Uh huh. David Alpert, Gale Ann Herd…


ERIC: Yep, um, showrunner Scott Gimple. He said something to you


JAMES: Yeah, I talked to him real briefly, he stopped, and I said, he’s like “So, you know, what do you think?”


ERIC: About the trailer.


JAMES: I’m like, well, I could see it but I couldn’t hear it, because we were on the convention floor when they released it on YouTube.


ERIC: Yeah.


JAMES: So we could watch it but we couldn’t hear it. And he’s like “You gotta listen to the last, like, 30 seconds, it’s key.”


ERIC: Yeah.


JAMES: And, of course, that’s, that’s kinda, I think, is the tone for the year.Like the theme for the year.


ERIC: Yeah. You see Norman doing a big panorama shot of everybody in the crowd.




ERIC: That was, that was really really amazing, seeing that many people. I don’t see how they can do that again. It’s just so many people crowding in that area.


JAMES: You know, it’s amazing is we saw what, like, Michael Douglas and uh, Paul Rudd come out for Ant Man and like, they just walked right past everybody. Nobody stopped. I mean, it just goes to show you just how huge this program is. And, not only that, there is no other movie or film or anything that had a set piece like The Walking Dead does.


ERIC: You’re right, you’re right. It was all kinda Warner Brothers or, you know, ABC but the piece was really nice.


JAMES: Yeah, it was more the general, um…


ERIC: I’d say ABC probably had the closes to, um, 2nd best.


JAMES: Yeah, they had a castle. Sure.


ERIC: So, here we are at the Skybound booth. We had to stop by there, and we met with the good folks at Skybound.


JAMES: Big thanks to these guys at Skybound, Shawn, uh, the rest of the gang. You guys were awesome!


ERIC: Yeah, oh man.


JAMES: Brian.


ERIC: Brian. Those guys were amazing. I kept calling him Sketchy, but his name’s actually…


JAMES: Linchy.


ERIC: Linchy. So yeah, uh, great guys. Um, they uh, they hooked us up with some…


JAMES: Some really cool, unique stuff for this year. Of course, the Lucille bat.


ERIC: Mhmm. Limited Edition.


JAMES: Limited Edition. Uh, there was a black and white Ezekial figure, from the comic books.


ERIC: Yep.


JAMES: And then here we go. The man himself, Kirkman, arrives!


ERIC: He does!


JAMES: This wasn’t planned or anything. We just happened to be walking by as we were getting ready to head out of the convention.


ERIC: This was the last, very last thing. I didn’t quite put this in order, but this was when we got to meet Robert and have a good 2-minute conversation with him.


JAMES: Yep. Suprisingly, he didn’t recognize it, but he, he knew, you know, who the F we were. [laughs]


ERIC: [laughs] He did!




ERIC: “Who the F are these guys?”


JAMES: Yep. Yep.


ERIC: It was great.


JAMES: It was great.


ERIC: We had a great talk with him and the rest of the guys at Skybound. Really fun. We went to the Escape, um, on Friday night.


JAMES: We did.


ERIC: Checked it out a little bit. Second time we’ve done it. We wanted to see what San Diego was like and it was better than the Atlanta.


JAMES: Yeah, much improved. Much improved.


ERIC: So, um, so then we kinda visited the BBC America booth cuz we’re also good fans of Sherlock…


JAMES: and Orphan Black.


ERIC: and Orphan Black. And I wanna talk about that. And they had a, they had a clone booth over there, which was pretty cool. Uh, and I think we spotted Helena.


JAMES: Helena, yeah.


ERIC: Look at her.


JAMES: Umm. She’s acting kinda normal, which is surprising.


ERIC: “I want to see my sestra.” (in bad Russian accent)


JAMES: “Sestra!” (in bad Russian accent)


ERIC: “Where is she? We want to eat.” (in bad Russian accent)


JAMES: Yes, but we did go to the Orphan Black panel.


ERIC: We did.


JAMES: And that was awesome.


ERIC: Was worth the 3-hour wait.


JAMES: It was. We did, we waited 3 hours. Just, so see, con-goers, Walker Stalker Con-goers, 3 hours, just to see a panel?


ERIC: And people weren’t complaining!


JAMES: No. No one complained!


ERIC: No one complained. Nobody.


JAMES: Just, that what you expect. And here’s your buddy.


ERIC: Met my buddy RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad. And then we went over to the Lost area. Uh, they had a, well tell them about this, real quick.


JAMES: Ok. So, um, if you knew a password, basically the answer to a trivia question, you could jump the line, like 30 minute line, to go in, and get this green screen photo from Lost, um, and so, we knew the questi…It was, it was “Who were the Whitmore’s 2 children?” And, of course, it’s Penny and Daniel. And so, we were the first ones to unlock it for the day which was surprising cuz this was like Saturday afternoon.


ERIC: They were so excited when we came by!!


JAMES: Yeah, but they were all in Apollo shirts too, which was cool.


ERIC: Yeah! We wanted one.


JAMES: The Apollo candy bar.


ERIC: But they unlocked this 10-year anniversary video.


JAMES: Yeah, and like, and then the video! And then he was like, “and we look forward to the next 10 years of Lost.” And I was like, “Next 10 years of Lost?”


ERIC: What does that mean?!


JAMES: Yeah, but of course, it probably means nothing. Just like some of the stuff on the show means absolutely nothing.


ERIC: [laughs]


JAMES: But we got to do this green screen photo and Eric had his green lantern shirt on so we knew he was gonna get drownded out. So, there’s me, crying, and Eric in a panic.


ERIC: Reaching for me.


JAMES: His gut disappeared.


ERIC: Which is a good thing! [laughs]


JAMES: [laughs]


ERIC: Which is a very good thing. Thank you. Of course, I wish I could’ve gotten rid of my chin, my double chin, but that’s a whole other issue.


JAMES: I know a guy!


ERIC: You know a guy!


JAMES: I know a guy, who knows a guy! He can do it.


ERIC: Good man! Yeah, let’s do it in the back alley. Alright, so um, yeah so that kinda encapsulates…We also, do we wanna talk about this?


JAMES: Yeah! We’re, and actually, that was kind of a tease right there of a poster you’re gonna see at Walker Stalker Con. Of course, if you’re listening to this, you’re on the podcast, you’re not gonna get to see it, but, um, we’ve got some amazing, uh, silk screen prints.


ERIC: Original.


JAMES: Original, by Tracy Ching, who did the 3 AMC Walking Dead prints of Rick, Daryl, and Michonne last year. They were the biggest selling poster at our convention last year. We reached out to her. She has designed a Walker Stalker Con poster that’s gonna have a run of 300 of the main one and a limited run of the 100. All of them signed and numbered by her, and the limited 100 will also be signed by Eric and I. Just amazing artwork. Um, and I’m so excited that she did a piece for us.


ERIC: That’s amazing. The more I think about it, the more I really appreciate the fact that she did that for us and that we have something that’s really unique to our convention.


JAMES: Yeah!


ERIC: And it looks amazing! I mean, the detail she put on, uh, to the zombies, is just brilliant!


JAMES: I’ve got a lot of silk screen stuff, um, in my house. Eric Tan, um, and so forth, from when Lost did a silk screen. So I love, I love these types of prints and artwork. Umm, and it’s just something I’m excited about that we were actually able to do for us this time.


ERIC: I’m really excited about it too.


JAMES: Yep. Yep.


ERIC: Alright, so we got a glimpse of that there.


JAMES: We did!


ERIC: We were kinda looking over artwork and making final approvals. Um, so then we kinda walked outside, and, uh, just amazing crowds out there.


JAMES: Uh huh! Yeah, but they had this additional kind of Terminus, uh, prison set up, which is recreating the Glenn scene where he’s laying on the walkway after the Governor attacks. But then, you’ve got also the Terminus map and the Glenn, you know, or “Go To Terminus” sign and you’ve got these zombies down at the bottom.


ERIC: Just reaching up.


JAMES: Reaching up for him.


ERIC: And then, another zombie just joining in there. Me, reaching up.


JAMES: But that, that Glenn or Steven, man he looks real!


ERIC: It’s good. It’s really good.


JAMES: I mean, it’s, it was phenomenal!


ERIC: Hey, by the way, I heard, I read an article that, um, Steven Yeun and Norman Reedus were walking around in costume on the floor.


JAMES: Well I heard that they did it a couple years ago. I didn’t see one for this year.


ERIC: Well, I heard that they did it together and, uh, I can’t remember what Gle.. what, uh, Steven was? Norman was the ghost from Ghostbusters.


JAMES: Oh no, he was stay, he was a stay puffed, Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man


ERIC: Yeah! Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man


JAMES: This was, this was like 2 years ago they did this.


ERIC: Oh they did that. Okay. Well, where did I read that then this year?


JAMES: I don’t know, but yeah, they did it a couple years ago.


ERIC: 2 years late. Alright, so this is us, just kinda walking down and you get an idea of how crazy busy it is out there on the streets. Um, we never did find a good burger joint, to have some good steaks or burgers, but we still had a great time. We went out Friday night with the zombie, some zombie guys, some zombie, uh.


JAMES: Yeah. That did the zombie panel.


ERIC: Zombie panel guys.


JAMES: Matt Mogk and Jonathan James and a couple of other guys from the zombie panel


ERIC: Got to hear Max Brooks speak a little bit more about ….


JAMES: Himself.


ERIC: His World War Z and himself and his opinions. He was fine, you know


JAMES: Yeah.


ERIC: So it was a good time. Good times at San Diego Comic-Con! So, uh, that’s it.


JAMES: That’s it for Comic-con. I think we’ll be back.


ERIC: Oh no that is not it for Comi-con.


JAMES: No? What happened?


ERIC: One thing that we completely didn’t discuss because we don’t have video of it, is, what a certain someone asked a certain someone in a certain panel…


JAMES: Ohhhh


ERIC: On Saturday. Which kind of broke a little bit ….


JAMES: news.


ERIC: Got some people talking.


JAMES: Cool.


ERIC: So you wanna mention it?


JAMES: I don’t know, I heard that that certain someone said that he’s what….


ERIC: Official?


JAMES: Making it official? That he is going to be at a certain convention.


ERIC: Yeah. That’s pretty cool.


JAMES: That is pretty cool.


ERIC: Yeah, we’ll have to see, why don’t you guys do more research about that.


JAMES: See if we can find that video from NerdHQ somewhere.


ERIC: But nothing is official until we announce it.


JAMES: That’s cracked.


ERIC: That’s about it. So we’ll leave you with that little tease. You guys can do your own research [laughing].


JAMES: Awesome [laughing].


ERIC: Alright moving on, let’s talk about a really purchase we made two weeks ago.


JAMES: We did. Unreal.


ERIC: Tell us a little back story.


JAMES: All right, so, we had always talked about finding Dale’s RV, just something as an addition. And we’ve looked and we had hit and miss opportunities and we even thought one day the guy was gonna drive it to us and then turned out falling apart.


ERIC: We were so close.


JAMES: One of our great core volunteers, Merri True, has been diligent in looking as Eric and I have. Merri found one right own in Chattanooga, two hours away, a Winnebago Chieftain, identical to Dale’s on the exterior and the front half. The back half was a little different but that’s ok because we had some plans we wanted to do with it anyway. But we’ve found the Winnebago and it’s here and it’s actually about a mile from the house at a restoration shop. Although they aren’t restoring anything, they are getting it… making it sound for us. We are going to keep the front half looking exactly like Dale’s RV matter of fact we’re going to add some props, some …


ERIC: Accessories.


JAMES: … “a nice cup of shut the hell up” sign. Some owls.


ERIC: Even Dale’s name, Dale and his wife.


JAMES: on the exterior. We’re going to get all that put together and then in the back we’re gonna gut it. We’re gonna put in some new seating, we’re gonna put in some TVs, some podcasting equipment..


ERIC: We’re pimping it out baby.


JAMES: We are, we’re going to put in hopefully a Walking Dead Telltale pinball machine in the back. Just make sure the fridge is running and the oven works and really using that stuff.


ERIC: And it doesn’t catch on fire, that would be good.


JAMES: Yeah and the brakes work on this thing and you know, we’re just getting it so we can actually drive it to all these events. But that will be how we’ll be road tripping it now to all the Walker Stalker Cons.


ERIC: Yeah, and guys, if you spot us, I mean how fun would that be just driving …


JAMES: It will be cool. Here’s the thing, when he’s driving around there’s a green canoe on top.


ERIC: Is there really?


JAMES: Yes. When he gets somewhere, the green canoe disappears and the chairs go on top with the red cooler and the umbrella.


ERIC: Okay.


JAMES: So we’re gonna have to, I think we’re going to also have to buy a green canoe.


ERIC: I mean sure why not.


JAMES: I went over there a few days after we got it. I walked around it and took measurements and stuff and then I climbed up the ladder to go on top and I’m just gonna tell ya, I’m really nervous to walk on the roof.


ERIC: We’ve got to walk on it at some point.


JAMES: We will.


ERIC: Maybe go with a lighter person to start. Maybe one of your kids [laughing]


JAMES: Yeah, we’ll risk a child.


ERIC: No but a smaller person just to make sure kinda like when you’re stepping on ice for the first time.


JAMES: But this thing is gross, it smells like urine, it’s got orange shag carpet we’re going to have to pull out and put in new carpet to match the show. We’re just gonna get everything cleaned up on this thing. We’re gonna get new tires. There’s a lot but once it’s done its gonna be just so much fun.


ERIC: We have a great vision for it.


JAMES: We really do.


ERIC: And we want to use it at all the Walker Stalker Cons, we want to share it with you guys. We want you to be able to go inside and take a look and you know experience this RV. And who knows maybe we’ll have Travis Charpentier or you know the….


JAMES: Jeffrey DeMunn one day.


ERIC: Jeffrey DeMunn standing there letting people in, who knows, that would be awesome.


JAMES: [Laughs].


ERIC: So, you gotta dream and that’s what this is, the Winnebago. It was also featured in Playboys in the 70s.


JAMES: Back in the 70s.


ERIC: I still have the issue.


JAMES: Park her anywhere.


ERIC: Exactly. Alright, let’s talk about the trailer of the Walking Dead.




ERIC: Should we get into it? Season 5 trailer, let’s review it.


[Musical interlude]




ERIC: All right, so we are here, we’re going to review this really highly anticipated Season 5 Comic-Con trailer from The Walking Dead. First of all just before we even play it, just your impressions going in, did you have expectations.


JAMES: I actually anticipated we weren’t going to see much. We weren’t going to see much in terms of anything indicating they get out of terminus anything indicating maybe who lives and doesn’t live. So I really am surprised when we see here a lot more than I thought we were going to. Matter of fact, when this thing starts in second, they replay a lot of the footage from the end of last season.


ERIC: They do.


JAMES: And so I’m going when I fist saw it the first time I was going “Yup, I was right” … they’re really showing a lot of other stuff and their really not showing, going to show much beyond terminus. In dealing with you know the potential cannibalism of stuff.


ERIC: You still don’t know any of … that answer is not really revealed.   They’re not what they say they are


JAMES: So should we kinda preface this with potential spoil stuff, if you don’t want to know anything about this season cuz we are gonna kinda make some educated guesses on some things. You probably don’t want to listen to this section.


ERIC: Don’t listen to the sex at all.


JAMES: Don’t listen to the sex.


ERIC: Right [laughs].




ERIC: Spoiler alert


[Loud spoiler alert sound]


ERIC: All right back to our video, let’s play it. My impression was that I was having, I was saying, you know, how could they do it any better than Season 4 trailer. Because I remember when Season 4 trailer came out, it was pretty phenomenal. Got me highly looking forward to it.


JAMES: Well it was emphasizing the Big Spot stuff.


ERIC: Yeah it was emphasizing that but it was high action and it got me more exited about the season. I thought no way are they going to be able to outdo themselves but they really outdid themselves as far as trailers are concerned. Now what they need to do in Season 6, is they need to do one big scene. If there could be one big scene that kinda encompasses what the first half of Season 6 will be. Wouldn’t that be just really really cool. Take it down a notch completely from all the action and the thriller and just have like a 2 minute scene that previews Negan or somebody …


JAMES: Last year, as soon as they finished the whole trailer, they really emphasized this greater threat, this unknown threat so there was a lot of teasing, I don’t think they need to do anything like that this year.   I think this actually stands alone and speaks for itself.


ERIC: All that I am hearing is that it’s the bloodiest, it’s the most violent, it’s, you know, “how can they show that on television,” you know, type of comments, which is just hyping it. Anyway here it is, our little review of the Season 5 trailer. So starts off with some old scenes form the end of Season 4. But right away there’s a bomb going off.


JAMES: [James takes a personal call].


ERIC: So it starts off with a bomb going off right from the beginning, which…


JAMES: Which makes sense I mean that’s something that’s always been used, right. This makes me thing like…


ERIC: Where did they get the material to let off the… is there a bomb being … I guess terminus….


JAMES: Yeah terminus. There throwing some sort of agent in to knock them out.


ERIC: Exactly yeah. so they capture them and they basically take them captive so…


JAMES: We see some sort of dissection there


ERIC: Something’s going on


JAMES: Yeah and of course here in a moment we’ll see some of the guys with these plastic aprons standing behind them.


Eric: They line them up…he is holding some sort of book. Wonder what Gareth is doing with that.

James: just a book of names and information? Trying to gather what he can? I don’t know. Of course, you see Stookie just pleading to him that they have got Dr. Eugene and he’s got the answers..

Eric: Right..just get us to Washington, D.C. It’s really good.

James: Just these looks between the two of them

Eric: The looks between Gareth and Rick… they are pretty awesome. Obviously there is some negotiation going on.

James: Judith is alive…They are now outside of Terminus so we get a decent indication that they either escape or get let go…

Eric: it’s either that they trust them and eventually they get let go. They are either patrolling or headed to Washington, DC. Very interesting. So either you join us or you go to Washington DC

James: So maybe they are giving them a choice. Maybe it’s not cannibals.

Eric: maybe its not. Maybe they just screwed with us the whole time.

James: Maybe the bones and everything are them just trying to figure it out on their own?

Eric: I don’t know. I am still in the cannibal camp

James: Yeah I am too.

Eric: Tons of great zombies, tons of great action

James: some weird zombies..really weird stuff

Eric: some really weird stuff… It is almost like their faces are melting off.


James: I think we lost our video there..

Eric: what’s going on?   We see him reunited with Judith

James: It looks like we see everybody…The only person we are not seeing is Stookie.

Eric: Later on?

James: I don’t recall seeing him later on either.

Eric: I don’t see him other than in the beginning and he is pleading. I don’t know. We do know…. We have good reason to believe that one main character maybe 2 will die this season… well anyway umm Obviously the enemy right now it seems like these Terminus guys aren’t trustworthy and it seems that they are on their way to Washington.

James: It seems to be following the comic book except this Terminus thing is a twist on the comic book.

Eric: And then you see this scene they focus on where Abraham is on his knees.

James: And appearing to be on his own

Eric: Maybe he doesn’t agree and he seems to be arguing with Rick about something.

James: There is some sort of huge battle. It looks like another classic Tyrese against 20 zombies taking them all out.

Eric: They are in a church…we will see what is going on there. I don’t think that I ever have seen an explosion that big on the show with a ton of zombies flying

James: A ton of action which is great.

Eric: It looks like they are almost in the city of Atlanta with the car falling over

James: They are going to have to go back through right to go to DC? That’s the direction. You know what? I am just looking forward to not having to argue about character development episodes next season. I am really hoping we are getting a bunch of action.

Eric: I hope so too.

James: Of course everybody is like “Where’s Beth, they didn’t show Beth?” and then we get this whole Beth focus at the end.

Eric: now what does she say here? Right at the beginning this lady…

James: It needs to be for the greater good and you are not the greater good.

Eric: You are not the greater good. You are part of the system. Where is she?

James: Some sort of hospital or ward. Its odd. I don’t think this is Terminus.

Eric: No, it seems like a completely separate place. Do we see Gabriel in this/?

James: We did see Father Gabrielle briefly and they did confirm him at comic con.

Eric: So I mean the last 30 seconds Gimple says mean a lot. Probably the most analyzed is that segment

James: maybe that is the tone or theme of the season. With terminus I get it.. you are eating other people…it is for the greater good of everybody, the sacrifice. That theme could run into the group and of course where Beth is at that might be the theme of the season..the greater good

Eric: Sacrificing for the greater good. Oh well…its all going to be great. I’m pretty pumped. Its great seeing Emily Kinney get a bigger role she is just getting better and better, I am really liking her character more and more. She’s more bad ass than she’s ever been . Did you see the picture of her and Tatianna M (Orphan Black) , and a bunch of other women that are the most bad ass on TV today?

James: No, I didn’t see that.. very cool.

Eric: So anyway a lot of cool stuff coming out of SDCC. That trailer is awesome. I have to watch it like 10 more times to pick it apart even more. Real quick that Orphan Black panel was awesome. I kind of remember SDCC for watching the Orphan Black season 2. It is fantastic. The last 2 episodes of season 2 are brilliant.

James: The writing is so good on that show in that it is just so creative. I really do think though in every situation they think what is the craziest thing they can do in this moment, which is great…it makes for great TV.

Eric: they added a new twist for Season 3 a completely new set of clones. Looks interesting. I didn’t give any spoilers away. There is a really cool scene at the end….just production. How does she get into all of those characters . Tatianna….

James: Mentally for her to go there over and over again

Eric: I really find myself believing that those are different people!

James: It’s not like “The Parent Trap”!

Eric: So on the theme of that and other shows we have to talk about. I asked my Twitter followers what their favorite shows were outside of TWD. Do you want to guess what their favorite shows were?

James: Favorite shows outside…Game of Thrones….maybe Arrow…Orhpan Black…Sherlock…Lost… I don’t know.

Eric: Some of those were mentioned. I was surprised….I don’t watch this show, maybe I should but Sons of Anarchy… I got the most response. The most people love SOA just as much (almost) they love the show The Following, next was Breaking Bad, Lost and Arrow. Now other shows that were mentioned at least once were House of Cards, Nurse Jackie (never watched it) Longmire, the Strain, Hannibal, From dusk Till Dawn, American Horror Story, True Blood, Justified, Penny Dreadful, Vampire Diaries, Banshee, only one person said GOT and The Blacklist. Now have you seen the add for the new Netflix film called The Killing?

James: No I have not

Eric: It looks really really good. I wonder one other thing I want to say in Orphan Black and in The Killing as well. .Why don’t people burn bodies instead of burying them? I have no idea why you are leaving evidence all the time. Burn the body not bury it under a garage.

James; it’s TV. Hack it up….throw it in the house…burn it.

Eric: Who am I to give advice to serial killers? Anyway..let’s finish it up with Walker Stalker con news

[walker stalker con music]

Eric: So what is the latest …

James: well we have gotten the addition of the Emily Kinney concert and the IronE Singleton one man show so that is huge. Let’s just talk about Atlanta. Andrew J West who plays Gareth will be there. He is anticipated to be the main villain for this season. We are looking forward to seeing and meeting him. We are really trying to work on the little events right now. We have kind of got the big things out. We know who all of our guests are except for maybe a handful. Now we are working on all the other events in and around the convention. Zombie bash, some other concerts that will be free during the convention.

Eric: maybe a film festival

James: Maybe a film festival…who knows..I know that you are working on the live streaming ops.

Eric: Yes- I can’t wait to make this happen this year. We have so many people who can’t come to WSC. We are gong to offer to them as best as we can an experience as if you were here. We are going to be videotaping and live streaming the panels. We have two panel rooms and a special interview room. Where you can get some insider interviews which we will eventually play later on our YouTube and our website but you will be able to capture all of that stuff live. So we are trying to put all of the technical details together and the cost to make that work. To et good quality high definition streaming of these things and then in addition to that we are working on a way for you to get autographs from the actors that are attending.

James: yes and that will be US residents only this year because we are just getting our feet wet with it. It will be limited to 8X10’s of the actor so you will be able to submit your name and what you want the actor to write to you and then the actor will sign it and we will send it to you. Also there will be a couple opportunities where there will be a couple of signatures on them like a Glenn and Maggie type thing. But really that will be it for this first year so we can work small and work towards bigger stuff for the future where maybe you can send in your own poster and we can make sure it gets signed.

Eric: Let’s make sure this first one works well. But that and the live stream giving you that con online experience I think could be really cool. So look for more to come on that and we love your feedback on what you want if you can’t attend Atlanta. So Atlanta is coming together nicely. We have NY/NJ December 6-7, San Francisco in January, Chicago in Februrary, Dallas is March, Orlando in June, Then Boston in August. Again Atlanta and New York again in 2015.

James: Maybe one more city…we tried. We hit and missed on one just because we could never schedule the venue but we are going to look out west for one more city.,

Eric: Alright that is it for us! Thanks for joining us for episode 99.

James: Hopefully we have gotten something big for 100

Eric: I hope we do… we gotta get to work on that…See ya later

James: Bye


[Music playing]


[Music fades]


End of Transcript


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