038 – We Don’t Always Do A Podcast Drunk

In this episode, we announce 2 more guests for Walker Stalker Con 2013.  We also have a huge announcement about another guest!  Plus, we talk about a special Walking Dead podcaster panel we will host at WSCon.  We talk about our recent trip to Atlanta, GA to check out the Convention Center and Hotel.  We talk about our brief trip to Senoia, GA to check out some filming there.  And, last but not least, we discuss the News of the Dead.  All that in a special morning podcast with coffees in hand.  No beer this time…we don’t ALWAYS do a podcast drunk.  🙂

Check out all of the details to buy tickets to Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, GA November 1-3, 2013 here:  www.WalkerStalkerCon.com/Tickets

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