030 – Asthma Boy, Grantville Mayor Jim Sells, Jason from Walking Dead Cast, The Woodbury Shoppe, Atlanta Movie Tours and More Walker Stalker Con Guests Announced


James said to Eric, “So, let’s put as many guests as we can on one show.”  Eric said, “James, you’re nuts!”

Our summertime podcast series keeps  you informed on some things you may be missing when it comes to the world of The Walking Dead.  In Friday’s Walker Stalker Podcast with James and Eric, we highlight some great events and activities that you can turn your attention to and satisfy that void left behind.

First, we speak with Walker Stalker podcast favorite, “Asthma Boy”!  That’s right!  Parker Wierling, who played “Asthma Boy”, also known as “Noah” on The Walking Dead, will join us to discuss the fate of “Asthma Boy”.

Second, we speak with the Mayor of Grantville, GA, Mayor Jim Sells.  As you may know, Grantville is the home of Morgan’s apartment aka King County, Georgia.  We speak with the Mayor about Grantville, the Mayor’s tour and site-seeing in Grantville.

Third, because two weren’t enough, we speak with Carrie Burns of Atlanta Movie Tours.  Atlanta Movie Tours puts on an amazing tour of filming locations that every zombie fan will want to take when visiting Atlanta and the surrounding area.

Fourth, because three still just felt like something was missing, we speak with Carrie Cottrill of The Woodbury Shoppe.  The Woodbury Shoppe is located in downtown Senoia, GA, which is the set of Woodbury on The Walking Dead.

Fifth, and saving the best for last?  Jason from The Walking Dead ‘Cast with Jason and Karen joins us to talk about The Walking Dead, the fan meetup at San Diego Comic Con, and – looking into my crystal ball – we will probably go off topic many times! So, we apologize now!

Sixth, and if you are still reading this – we announce our next round of 11 celebrity guests for Walker Stalker Con!  Get tickets now at WalkerStalkerCon.com.  Also, pledge your support for our first ever Convention and get extras you can only get on our Kickstarter page.

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