029 – Walker Stalker Con Announcement

Today is the big day!!  On today’s podcast we announce the details of Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta, November 1-3.  You can now buy tickets!!  Listen to the podcast and get all of the details.  At the same time you can visit WalkerStalkerCon.com to learn more.

Also, check out our Kickstarter campaign and be one of the founding members of Walker Stalker Con.  You will get a chance to have even more access at the Con or have us come visit you in your hometown and we will do a whole show with you and your friends!  We are only opening this opportunity up for 30 days!  Thanks for your support!

More great guests to be announced next week.

See you in Atlanta in November!



Fan Access to Celebrity Guests Will Be The Focus

June 18, 2013

WALKER STALKER CON, a new zombie, horror and science fiction convention, will be held at the Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart connected to its host hotel, the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia on November 1, 2 & 3, 2013.

The concept of the convention begins with The Walker Stalkers podcast with James and Eric, which reached #2 on iTunes for all Entertainment podcasts. And, it continues to be popular for connecting the fans to the celebrities and actors of the zombie genre.
“We hope to continue in the spirit of our podcast and provide the same level of access and involvement with the celebrities that our listeners have come to expect with our first ever convention,” say James and Eric, hosts of the podcast. “We want fans of television, films and comics in this genre to have a chance to have real interaction with their favorite celebrities – not just a 10 second hand shake and photo opp.”

Confirmed guests for the convention, as of today, include and many more to be announced:

Lauren Cohan
Jose Pablo Cantillo
Daniel Thomas May
Tyler Chase
Vincent Ward
E Roger Mitchell
Addy Miller

The convention kicks off on Friday, November 1st at noon. The exhibit floor will be open all three days featuring games, toys, comic and other memorabilia for true fans of zombie, horror and science fiction. Friday night, there will be a special Fan Meet and Greet for all hotel guests.

On Saturday, November 2nd, along with a great day on the convention floor and a VIP Meet and Greet in the evening, The Walker Stalkers will host the “Zombie Bash” – a night of dressing up, games and meeting/mingling with the celebrity guests.

On Sunday, November 3rd, the convention continues with more activities and fan interaction. In addition, Atlanta Movie Tours will provide a tour of Atlanta and the surrounding communities. The tour will highlight filming location and memorable landmarks that have appeared in zombie and horror genre films and television shows.

More special events to
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PODCAST 029 TRANSCRIPT (For the Hearing Impaired):

[Music plays]


ERIC:  Today is a big day.


JAMES:  Huge day!


ERIC:  It’s Flag Day.


JAMES:  Yes! Is it really?


ERIC:  It is Flag Day. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about.


JAMES:  What are we here to talk about?


ERIC:  We’re here to talk about the premiere of Walker Stalker Con.


JAMES:  Walker Stalker Con. Slowing that down, that’s Walker Stalker Con. Con—meaning “convention.”


ERIC:  Convention! Big convention.


JAMES:  Yes.


ERIC:  And it’s going to be… Where?


JAMES:  Atlanta, Georgia at the Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMart.


ERIC:  Yes! And we will be there with about—I don’t know how many—hopefully, thousands of people with us.


JAMES:  Right. November 1st through the 3rd.


ERIC:  November 1st through the 3rd. Now, those are all details that we’ve given people already.


JAMES:  Yeah!


ERIC:  So this is a big day—we’re premiering. We’re launching. The website is going to be open. We’re selling tickets. Let’s talk about what it’s all about and who’s going to be there.


JAMES:  All right! So what it’s all about is, if you’ve been to some of our parties, you know—and if you’ve listened to our podcast, of course—you know about the fans doing everything, the fan interaction. I think we’re really the only podcast that, every week, insists that when we have a guest on, that the fans get an opportunity to interact with them—not just the host.


So we’re carrying that over to our convention. Where all these conventions, you wait in lines, then you get 10 seconds with the people. We’re going to make sure that there’s a VIP party both Friday and Saturday. We’re going to make sure that we’ve got a Zombie Bash Party, where we’ll have some of the guests there as well.


And then also, we’re going to make sure that we do what we do best, and that is live Q&As. But really, they’re not Q&As. They’re The Walker Stalker Podcast. And we’re going to be doing one with each of the guests throughout the weekend. So it’s just going to be a lot of fan interaction.


Yeah, like with every other convention, we’re going to have autograph sessions, photograph sessions. We’re going to have exhibitors, and tables, and toys, and games, and comic, and all sorts of stuff for everybody to do. We got so much stuff we haven’t even put it all out there.


ERIC:  Right.


JAMES:  So we’re going to continue to drop things as we get closer. But it’s just going to be a lot of interaction, and Eric and I are going to be right there in the middle doing everything, right?


ERIC:  Right. Yeah, I mean, there’s going to be a lot of energy. There’s going to be a lot of excitement. Again, just highlight the interaction. The reason we want to do this is because we want you to have as much access as possible with the actors that are coming…


JAMES:  Yeah, so…


ERIC:  And the celebrities that are coming.


JAMES:  Friday night, right after the convention ends, you will have the VIP Meet-and-Greet. And that is for hotel guests only.


ERIC:  Right.


JAMES:  So if you are a hotel guest for two nights—meaning Friday and Saturday night—you will get free access to the VIP Party with all of our guests who are in attendance on Friday.


ERIC:  And so that’s at the Westin Downtown Atlanta if we hadn’t mentioned it before.


JAMES:  Yup, Westin… I think it’s called Peachtree Center or something like that.


ERIC:  Yeah. It’s the big round one with the big restaurant on top. So it’s really nice.


JAMES:  And they’re our host hotel, and we’ve got a great deal for everybody to stay there.


ERIC:  What’s the price?


JAMES:  I think it’s $159 per night.


ERIC:  Okay.


JAMES:  So it’s an awesome deal, and that’s double occupancy. I think it’s $169 for three or four people in the room.


ERIC:  Right.


JAMES:  Everybody who stays in that room gets into the hotel VIP Meet-and-Greet on Friday.


ERIC:  Don’t treat the room like a zombie.


JAMES:  Please do not.


ERIC:  [Laughs]


JAMES:  And then we’ve got all the event on Saturday. We’ve got the Saturday VIP Party for our VIP Badge holders, and the VIP Badge holders, it’s another Meet-and-Greet. It’s going to be everybody who’s there on Saturday.


ERIC:  Right.


JAMES:  And then, also, that same VIP gets you into our Zombie Party or Zombie Bash on Saturday night.


ERIC:  Which is after the VIP Party.


JAMES:  Which is after the VIP Party.


ERIC:  Tell the listeners what’s the Zombie Bash. What’s that all about?


JAMES:  It’s a costume party!


ERIC:  It’s a costume party.


JAMES:  Yeah, zombies, horror, your favorite character costume—whatever you want to come dressed as, just as long as you’re not dressed…


ERIC:  As long as you’re dressed!


JAMES:  As the nude guy. [chuckles]


ERIC:  [Laughs] There’s always one nude guy!


JAMES:  Yeah. Hey! But yeah, it’s just going to be a party, and some of the actors will be there, our guests will be there, and we’re just going to have a lot of fun. And that’s the way we want the whole weekend to go. And we’ll be doing the podcast throughout the day…


ERIC:  That’s right.


JAMES:  On the main stage.


ERIC:  We want you to participate in with that as much as possible.


JAMES:  Yeah, and we’re going to be doing a lot of fun stuff. We’re going to be doing some charitable stuff as well throughout the weekend, give it back.


We’re partnering with Atlanta Movie Tours. They’re going to be offering tours for all our guests for the weekend to go around and see some of the filming locations for The Hunger Games, Walking Dead, Zombie Land, and other films. So it’s just going to be a great opportunity for them to get to see where things are filmed while they’re in town as well.


ERIC:  That’s awesome. That is awesome! We’re going to get a preview of that, I think, sometime in July, so we’ll podcast about that. We’ll talk about that. We’ll take some video, a little bit of video—not all the locations but just some video, just kind of getting people an idea and a feel for what that’s going to be like.


JAMES:  Yeah.


ERIC:  Really exciting.


JAMES:  Like I said, we’re going to add many more events, more of a real schedule throughout the day as we get closer. So you get to see a lot of the fun stuff that we’re going to do. We encourage not only to be a guest but, man, if you’ve got… If you’re an artist or an exhibitor, and you want to be a part of the convention, just get in touch with us, and we’ll set you up.


ERIC:  We’re already having some preliminary talks with some great corporate sponsors…


JAMES:  Yeah, we are.


ERIC:  And advertisers that are going to be a part of it.


JAMES:  Sure!


ERIC:  So it’s going to be fun. I can’t wait to announce those. What we’re going to do is we’re going to announce this kind of in waves or in stages, so every week, we will do a podcast, and we will talk about kind of what’s new regarding Walker Stalker Con as well as all the regular talk that we do.


So… Everybody wants to know who are we going to announce is going to be at Walker Stalker Con.


JAMES:  We’re only giving away seven this week.


ERIC:  Lucky seven.


JAMES:  And I think we have three more under contracts that we are going to announce next week, and potentially three or four more that we should have under contract to be there the following weeks.


ERIC:  And several others that we’re still talking to.


JAMES:  Oh, many others!


ERIC:  How many… Just before, let’s just tease people a little bit more and make people wait a little bit longer.


JAMES:  Right.


ERIC:  So how many publicist and people did you have to talk to? I mean, give us a little idea behind the scenes what it takes to get these celebrities, and actors, and guests to come. How many do you have to talk to, to get seven, for example, or whatever?


JAMES:  Almost every single actor has a different publicist or manager except for maybe a handful.


ERIC:  Right.


JAMES:  I think maybe one has two, and one’s got like three or four. But then pretty much everybody else is on their own. So it’s a ton of emails back and forth, and…


ERIC:  You couldn’t even count, could you?


JAMES:  No, really not.


ERIC:  Probably maybe 30-40 people you’ve been talking to…?


JAMES:  Yes, yes. Yes, yes.


ERIC:  In the last month and a half?


JAMES:  We’re trying to get actors from multiple shows, multiple movies. I mean, it’s just… It’s a lot. But I sometimes…


ERIC:  Are we crazy?


JAMES:  Well, my wife thinks we are.


ERIC:  My wife thinks we’re totally nuts.


JAMES:  Yes.


ERIC:  I think we’re nuts.


JAMES:  All right! So I think everybody’s wanting to know. All right, who do we have?


ERIC:  Let’s tease them some more. Let’s talk about something else behind the scenes.


JAMES:  [Laughs]


ERIC:  I’m just kidding. All right, let’s go!


JAMES:  All right! So…


ERIC:  First out of the hat.


JAMES:  First one, let’s give one to the ladies.


ERIC:  Okay.


JAMES:  Because I think this one is awesome. Jose Pablo Cantillo.


ERIC:  Ah! I love him! I love him.


JAMES:  Yes, Jose was on our show…


ERIC:  Martinez!


JAMES:  Earlier in the year. Yes, Martinez. Earlier in the year… This will be his first convention. That’s my understanding.


ERIC:  Yeah.


JAMES:  So this will be a great opportunity for a lot of people who have the chance to meet him.


ERIC:  Yeah.


JAMES:  And he’ll be signing autographs and doing photos all three days.


ERIC:  Ladies, get you pictures taken with his guns.


JAMES:  With his guns!


ERIC:  That’s right.


JAMES:  Bring your baseball bats to get signed.


ERIC:  See if it’s bigger than your children’s head.


JAMES:  Yes.


ERIC:  I don’t know what I’m talking about. But, yes! That’s going to be fantastic. He’s committed for all three days.


JAMES:  All three days.


ERIC:  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


JAMES:  Yeah. I know on the website—unless it says otherwise—all of the guests are committed to all three days.


ERIC:  Yeah, the website… I don’t even know if we’ve mentioned it, www.WalkerStalkerCon.com.


JAMES:  Yeah, and that’ll be alive today.


ERIC:  Yeah, Flag Day.


JAMES:  Yup. So we’re excited to have Jose.


ERIC:  Absolutely, he’s an awesome guy too.


JAMES:  Yeah, and he’s in that new movie coming out with Matt Damon. Was it like Elysium? I don’t know how to pronounce it, but it’s a futuristic movie and about Earth, and then there’s something like floating planet outside of Earth now, where all the rich people live.


ERIC:  Very cool.


JAMES:  Yes.


ERIC:  That’s coming out later on this summer.


JAMES:  I think it is. Yeah.


ERIC:  All right, that’s awesome! So who else do we have?


JAMES:  All right! So… Next…


ERIC:  How about one for the guys?


JAMES:  One for the guys. Lauren Cohan.


ERIC:  Lauren Cohan?


JAMES:  Maggie Greene.


ERIC:  No way.


JAMES:  Yes! She will be joining us Saturday only, and she will be doing photos, and autographs, and Q&A.


ERIC:  So picture yourself, everybody. Close your eyes right now. Picture yourself standing next to Lauren Cohan and taking a fantastic picture that you can tell your friends all about and brag about the fact that you get to meet Maggie Greene. That’s pretty cool.


JAMES:  That’s awesome!


ERIC:  Yeah.


JAMES:  Yeah. I feel really fortunate that we’re able to make it work for her to be at our convention.


ERIC:  Very thankful.


JAMES:  Yes.


ERIC:  She’ll be awesome.


JAMES:  Yeah! So…


ERIC:  So who else?


JAMES:  All right! Well, we’ve got kind of a dynamic duo of Daniel Thomas May, “Allen,” and Tyler Chase, “Ben”—Father-Son duo!


ERIC:  Sweet!


JAMES:  Yes! They’re great. I mean…


ERIC:  You get to hang with them, didn’t you?


JAMES:  I got to hang with them at a convention, and they do awesome. People love them. Tyler’s just full of energy, and Daniel is just as nice as can be, just really genuine and takes time with everybody. So does Tyler. But they are these great people, and people really like them. It’s so funny, because Allen was such a divisive character, so the way people approached Daniel initially is kind of hesitant, but once they meet him, and he smiles and he introduces himself, they just love him.


ERIC:  Yeah, he’s really the antitheses of the character that he played.


JAMES:  He really is.


ERIC:  The character was just kind of mean and a little bit angry most of the time. I would be too if my wife just had died.


JAMES:  Yeah.


ERIC:  But anyway… So that’s going to be fun.


JAMES:  So that’s what? Four.


ERIC:  Four we’ve revealed so far.


JAMES:  All right, so only three more.


ERIC:  By the way, I feel like I didn’t give Lauren Cohan enough props, because we had a hilarious time talking with her. We only got 15 minutes talking with her…


JAMES:  Yes.


ERIC:  Earlier in the season. She was funny.


JAMES:  She was.


ERIC:  She has a great sense of humor.


JAMES:  I think she appreciated the fact too that we only had 15 minutes with her. I mean, in a sense that she found the humor just as we did.


ERIC:  That’s right, that’s right. Anyway, back to our fifth guest. Let’s talk about who that is.


JAMES:  Yes, our fifth guest that we will disclose today is Addy Miller, who played a little girl walker.


ERIC:  Really?!


JAMES:  Yes.


ERIC:  In the opening, Season 1.


JAMES:  In the opening, Season 1.


ERIC:  How old she is now?


JAMES:  I don’t know. I’m sure she’s successful.


ERIC:  Probably she looked like she’s about six-or-so old then, so…


JAMES:  Really?


ERIC:  Yeah, to me. She was younger?


JAMES:  I don’t know.


ERIC:  Yeah, that’s awesome.


JAMES:  Yeah, she will be there all three days.


ERIC:  Wow.


JAMES:  As well Daniel and Tyler by the way. Again, doing autos and photos and Q&A.


ERIC:  That’s awesome.


JAMES:  Yeah, it’d be really cool to hear a kid’s perspective as to what it was like to be a walker. So…


ERIC:  Yeah.


JAMES:  That’ll be awesome. All right, so that’s five. All right.


ERIC:  Who is going to be our sixth?


JAMES:  Who is sixth?


ERIC:  See, I’m pulling one out of the hat. Here we go.


JAMES: All right.


ERIC:  And…


JAMES:  Vincent Ward!


ERIC:  Vincent Ward! Okay.


JAMES:  Oscar.


ERIC:  Oscar. Man, that’s so cool!


JAMES: Yeah.


ERIC:  A part of the prison gang.


JAMES:  Part of the prison gang.


ERIC:  I loved Oscar. He was actually… Let me see.  I mean, Lew Temple was definitely my favorite, but…


JAMES:  Oh, he’s the humor.


ERIC:  Right, he was the funny. But Oscar was a dude.


JAMES:  Yeah.


ERIC:  Yeah.


JAMES:  Yeah!


ERIC:  That’s cool.


JAMES:  It was tough to see him go, but he kind of went sacrificially to get the others out. But yeah, Vincent Ward will be joining us all three days, and we even had him on the podcast.


ERIC:  Oh, this will be great.


JAMES:  Yeah, so it’ll be great to kind of meet him for the first time. So we’re looking forward to that. All right!


ERIC:  Who else do we have? Our seventh.


JAMES:  Our seventh and final announcement is E. Roger Mitchell!


ERIC:  E. Rog!


JAMES:  Also known as E. Rog, and if you were at the premiere—oh, sorry—the finale party with us, you got an opportunity to meet E. Rog. E. Rog played Paul, and he was in the governor’s gang, and he was killed in the final…


ERIC:  Episode, Season 3.


JAMES:  Yup. In the Hunger Games Movie, E. Rog plays Chaff.


ERIC:  Yeah, man. Pretty pivotal character actually…


JAMES:  Yeah.


ERIC:  In the book. Alex was telling me about that.


JAMES:  Yeah, so it works that I did have him. He’s also a bit… He was in flight with Denzel Washington. I think he’s in the upcoming Anchorman Movie. So Anchorman 2, right?


ERIC:  Right, right.


JAMES:  Yeah! So just a really cool guy, and when you see him on the website, you know exactly who this dude is.


ERIC:  Yeah.


JAMES:  Yeah, so we’re really excited to have him. I know he’s excited to be here as well.


ERIC:  Yeah.


JAMES:  But yeah! That’s the first seven. And if you see on the website, we’ve got these silhouettes, and those are the guests that come.


ERIC:  [Laughs]


JAMES:  And I’m not just putting those there to tease you. We’ve got more guests to come and not only guests from this particular show but also from other shows, other movies. We’re just working our finalizing agreements, and also, we just don’t want to throw everybody out there the first week. We’re going to kind of put it out in waves.


ERIC:  Yeah. I mean, it just goes along the lines of getting these guests under contract to come and working with them, making sure that we’re giving them the right opportunities.


JAMES:  Yeah, we want this to be as much fun for them as it is for us and for all the guests for the weekend.


ERIC:  Yup, that’s the heart behind it, and so that’s fantastic.


JAMES:  Yeah!


ERIC:  If you were to summarize Walker Stalker Con and the vision in just like one or two sentences, how would you describe what we’re trying to do here?


JAMES:  Zombie, horror, and SciFi—total fan interaction.


ERIC:  Total fan interaction.


JAMES:  Yes.


ERIC:  That’s what’s awesome about it.


JAMES:  Yeah, I mean, I want people to feel like they really got a chance to know some of these people and walk away feeling like, “Hey, I got to spend more than 10 seconds with so and so.”


ERIC:  Absolutely, yeah. And like we’ve said, there’s going to be a lot more guests coming. So… We haven’t talked about tickets yet, how you can purchase them, and what some of the special packages are. So let’s talk about that right away.


JAMES:  All right. So take a tour on the website, and…


ERIC:  www.WalkerStalkerCon.com.


JAMES:  You can buy all sorts of variations of tickets. The best ticket you can get for the weekend is a VIP pass. That will get you into all three events. It’ll get you into the VIP Meet-and-Greet on Saturday, and it’ll get you into the Zombie Bash Party.


ERIC:  Okay. All right, and what’s the price?


JAMES:  That’s $199.


ERIC:  $199, okay.


JAMES:  Yup. That’s if you want to buy something that will get you into everything. It will get you kind of priority in seating for Q&As. It’ll get you priority in for autographs, photographs.


ERIC:  Yup.


JAMES:  That’s what you want to purchase.


ERIC:  Yup, a fast access to autograph sessions.


JAMES:  The only thing the VIP pass does not get you is to the Hotel Meet-and-Greet on Friday night…


ERIC:  Okay.


JAMES:  Which is only for hotel guests. You can’t buy that ticket.


ERIC:  Right.


JAMES:  The only way you can go to the Hotel VIP Meet-and-Greet is by staying in the hotel for two nights—for Friday-Saturday or Thursday-Friday or whatever, but you got to be a two-night hotel-stay person. Okay?


ERIC:  Okay. So there’s a place on the website. It’s basically www.WalkerStalkerCon.com/tickets.


JAMES:  Right. Tickets for all three days, you can buy individually.


ERIC:  What are they?


JAMES:  Kids are free—12 and under.


ERIC:  Okay.


JAMES:  And I think Friday and Saturday are $30 each, and Saturday is $40. This is an advanced online ticket sales.


ERIC:  Right.


JAMES:  Everything is a little bit more expensive when you get to the convention.


ERIC:  Right.


JAMES:  $5, $10, $15 more.


ERIC:  Right, and the three-day pass is $50 more. It’s $250. The VIP three-day passes.


JAMES:  So it’s a big savings by getting your VIP pass at the time.


ERIC:  Yeah, for $199.


JAMES:  Right, and then of course, we have like our Friday, Saturday pass, I think is $65, $75 at the door. But then also, you can your zombie party ticket which is $20 for Saturday night…


ERIC:  Yeah.


JAMES:  Which will actually be either in the hotel or in the convention center. We haven’t finalized that part yet.


ERIC:  Location, right.


JAMES:  Yeah, and that’s just going to be dancing, and games, costumes.


ERIC:  Zombie-ing it up.


JAMES:  And just having fun.


ERIC:  Yeah, should be a lot of fun.


JAMES:  Yup. And then of course, the autographs—you can purchase some autographs in advance. So far, just we have up is Lauren Cohan.


ERIC:  Lauren Cohan.


JAMES:  And her autograph, you can get a ticket in advance to make sure you get her autograph. That’s $30. Lauren won’t be taking photos at her table, so you actually have to purchase the photo at the professional photo op with her. You can get that in advance as well, and that’s $40.


ERIC:  Right.


JAMES:  And you can get that ticket as well. All your tickets, you pick them at Will Call, and nothing gets mailed to you. So everything gets picked up at Will Call.


ERIC:  Yup, so then will Will Call be open?


JAMES:  Well, actually, I think we’ll have Will Call open starting on Thursday.


ERIC:  So starting on Thursday, get there early if you’re in town. But Friday, most people, when they come in…


JAMES:  Right, it will open Friday morning. I think we open at noon on Friday.


ERIC:  Right, right. Yup. So you can explain to the guests about the hotel if you’re staying there for the entire weekend.


JAMES:  Well, first of all, we tell you thank you for deciding to stay at the hotel, because by you all deciding to stay at the hotel helps cover some of the cost of the convention space as well.


ERIC:  Right.


JAMES:  So when you decide to stay there. And that’s why we’re giving you the VIP Meet-and-Greet as a thank-you. If you stay a minimum of two nights, you get the VIP Party pass…


ERIC:  Fantastic.


JAMES:  For the hotel.


ERIC:  That’s great. That’s great.


JAMES:  Yeah.


ERIC:  Good! Man, this is great! Now, if that wasn’t enough, we have an entire thing running alongside the premiere of Walker Stalker Con.


JAMES:  Right!


ERIC:  And that is our Kickstarter Campaign.


JAMES:  Right.


ERIC:  We launched this today. It’s now live, and there’ll be a link on both www.TheWalkerStalkers.com and www.WalkerStalkerCon.com. We’ll have a link to the Kickstarter Campaign, and you can participate in really creative ways by being a founding member of Walker Stalker Con.


JAMES:  Yeah, it’s huge. We encourage you guys to get on there and read what the different contribution levels are and what it gets you, because not only does it get you stuff to the convention itself, but it also gets you stuff from podcast.


ERIC:  Right. Well, let me just highlight a couple of things, okay?


JAMES:  Go for it.


ERIC:  For a pledge of $10 or more, you’ll get a shout out on the podcast, you’ll be listed on our website as a founding member, and you’re going to get a special VIP Badge at Walker Stalker Con 2013. So you’re going to get a special kind of shout out. It’s going to be an addition to… This is VIP Badge that we’re talking about. This is different than the VIP entrance, right?


JAMES:  Right, yeah. It’s a different level.


ERIC:  It’s kind of like a founding member VIP Badge.


JAMES:  Yeah.


ERIC:  And then for $25 or more, you’re going to get all of that, plus you’re going to get first priority to talk to one of our next guest on The Walker Stalker Podcast.


JAMES:  Right.


ERIC:  That’s cool. So just for supporting that in addition. If you participate at the $50 level, you get a choice of a one-day pass for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, plus all of the other stuff we’ve mentioned.


JAMES:  Right.


ERIC:  So that is really valuable, I think—more than just getting it on your own, getting a one-day pass.


JAMES:  Right.


ERIC:  So we really encourage that. A pledge of $100 or more gets you all of those same things we just talked about, plus you’re going to get a Saturday and Sunday pass, plus access to the Zombie Bash Party on Saturday—with $100 pledge.


I mean, listen. If you’re thinking of buying tickets anyway, check out the Kickstarter first, because I think there might be some great ways for you to participate.


JAMES:  Yeah, and just so everybody knows too, if you contribute through Kickstarter with this stuff, if we don’t make our goal, just let us know what you wanted to buy, and we’ll sell it to you through the ticket program in 30 days from now.


ERIC:  Exactly. If we don’t make our goal…


JAMES:  If we don’t make our goal.


ERIC:  Which should be hard to imagine, but we probably will. So, just a few more things.


JAMES:  Okay, okay.


ERIC:  Three more things that are pretty cool. A pledge of $500 or more, you get the ultimate VIP Treatment at Walker Stalker Con, which includes access to every event throughout the weekend.


JAMES:  Yes.


ERIC:  For $500, plus all those other things that we mentioned.


JAMES:  Right.


ERIC:  A $1,000 pledge is going to get you… Pretty much, this is the behind-the-scenes special. We only have 10 of these, but pretty much, you’re going to get all those previous rewards, but you’ll get special All-Access pass to any location at the convention behind the scenes. You’re going to be just like James and I.


JAMES:  Yeah.


ERIC:  You’re going to be able to hang together the entire time. You can hang with us if you want to. If you get sick of us, you can feel free to mix with any of the special guests or celebrities.


JAMES:  Right.


ERIC:  This includes one autograph and one picture with each celebrity guest as well.


JAMES:  Right.


ERIC:  That’s pretty cool [laughing].


JAMES:  That’s awesome, and that’s got a lot of value…


ERIC:  Yeah.


JAMES:  When everything’s starting at $20 and $30 per person.


ERIC:  Yup. And we’re only opening this up to 10 people, so within reason, obviously, you don’t want to annoy the celebrities, and you want to be sensitive to them as well.


JAMES:  Right.


ERIC:  But just make sure you respect their space. But this is fantastic!


JAMES:  It’s huge.


ERIC:  Yeah, you get all access, all the photos you want. I mean, you’re going to make a dream weekend, which the only thing better than that dream weekend would be a pledge of $5,000 or more. I know that sounds crazy.


JAMES:  $5,000?!


ERIC:  Who has $5,000? We don’t.


JAMES:  We don’t.


ERIC:  But this is the biggest one, and we’re only opening it up to three. But you get all of the previous rewards.


JAMES:  Right.


ERIC:  All access, everything that you would want to make that a dream weekend. Then we will come… With that pledge, we will come to your hometown, all expenses paid, and host an event in your home or hometown, invite 20 or so of your closest friends, and we’re going to watch an episode of The Walking Dead together, and then we’re going to do a live podcast right there with you and your friends, and you’ll be part of the show completely. The whole show will be dedicated to you. So hopefully, we will have three shows. Actually if we have three pledges of $5,000, that covers our goal.


JAMES:  Right. That’s like huge.


ERIC:  That’s why we set this aside.


JAMES:  Yeah.


ERIC:  We’re willing to do this. I think it’d be a lot of fun—within the continental US. I wish we could go to London on $5,000, but I don’t think we could make that work.


JAMES:  [Laughs]


ERIC:  So… But listen, that would be a lot of fun. They’re just some great pledge opportunities on Kickstarter. Kickstarter’s a lot of fun. It’s a great way to get us started, helps us cover some of the initial costs that it takes.


JAMES:  It’s about 10% of the cost.


ERIC:  Of the total cost of the convention. So…


JAMES:  Yup.


ERIC:  Guys, this is going to be a lot of fun. There’s a lot of energy around this, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback, can’t wait to answer your questions, can’t wait to talk to you more about this, and can’t wait to reveal even more guests that we have.


JAMES:  Yup.


ERIC:  But we’re pretty darn excited about who we have coming to this already announced.


JAMES:  Yes. Guys, thank you so much. The website is www.WalkerStalkerCon.com.


ERIC:  Yup.


JAMES:  And you can get your tickets there. There’ll be a link to the Kickstarter on the webpage as well. But we’re excited to get to meet even more people that listen to the show.


ERIC:  Yeah, yeah. So guys, that’s it! That’s your call to action. Check out the www.WalkerStalkerCon.com, and we’ll have a link right there. We’ll also have a link on www.TheWalkerStalkers.com as well.


JAMES:  Yes, we do.


ERIC:  So check it all out. We’ll be active on Twitter, talking to you, interacting. And if you have any questions, email us at… Is there an email for Walker Stalker Con?


JAMES:  It’s [email protected].


ERIC:  At Gmail.


[Music plays]


ERIC:  Perfect.


JAMES:  Yup.


ERIC:  Guys, that’s all we got for you today.


JAMES:  All right!


ERIC:  No beer, no beer-cast…


JAMES:  [Laughs]


ERIC:  Because it’s 9:00 in the morning. So I appreciate you guys. Thanks.


JAMES:  All right, bye guys.


[Music playing]


[Music fades]


End of Transcript


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